February 1, 2023

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Best exhibition stand design company in Amsterdam

exhibition stand design company in Amsterdam

Finding a good exhibition stand design company in Amsterdam is never easy! When organizing exhibitions, every company should remember that brand image is the most important thing. The stand you build demonstrates your work ethic and company values. Finding a reputable exhibition stand builder who has been around long enough to develop the expertise necessary to create an exhibition stand design that accurately and attractively represents your brand can be difficult in a profitable area like an exhibition stand design.

Factors that can help you to recognize a good exhibition stand design company in the Netherlands

If you can get a stand designed by a good stand builder with clear banners, you will likely be the loudest exhibitor at the show. However, as a first-time exhibitor, you need to know how to filter out any interest stand design companies that may have attractive websites but little else exhibiting experience. Here, we propose some factors and the qualities that a good stand builder must have.

Understand your purpose and develop a concept

Professional exhibition stand design companies in the Netherlands will always understand your purpose to ensure your stand best suits your needs. Milestones and goals have a huge impact on the day of the show. Your stand design ideas depend on the stand area, budget and location in the exhibition hall. The decision about graphics and equipment is also made depending on the location of your stand. Whether a local exhibition or an international exhibition, the exhibition stand design company in Amsterdam knows which exhibition stand designs are best for you when it comes to exhibiting in Germany or anywhere in Europe.

Storage and transport of your exhibition stands

Several stand companies have warehouses across Europe. This allows the contractor to store your exhibition stand and transport it in time to any major European exhibition venue.

Work experience

The quickest way to assess a contractor’s competency is by reviewing their past work. For example, if Amsterdam’s exhibition stand design company has a good market reputation and a history of success, they would like to discuss their previous work in a permanent portfolio or website. They can also chat with their past and current clients. You don’t have to go into detail. Just ask them if they are satisfied with their work.

Finish the stand design and set it up according to your purpose

Once you are satisfied with the final design concept, stand construction begins. Skilled, professional stand builders always work with various quality materials to ensure your stand reflects how seriously you take your business and customers.

100% pre-assembly guarantee

A stand design company should have an in-house team of display designers and builders. It ensures the construction of a stand within time. This autonomy in the realization of the stand design allows you to have a 100% guarantee before construction. Check out the stand design a few weeks before the show. Assembled stand design in the warehouse can ensure that the design will meet specifications.

Share design ideas 

The stand construction company has a stand specification, and stand construction begins. A good stand builder knows your budget and will consider it when developing the project concept. They must have years of experience designing stands based on floor space, budget, stand size, stand location, brand objective etc. You can make design changes during the design phase.

In-house production

Hire stand contractors that do not rely on external contractors to construct exhibition stands. As a specialist in exhibition stands design, your stand builder should deliver high-quality stand designs. Your stand builder will ensure that your stand meets the requirements. 

Why Expo Stand Services considered a good exhibition stand design company in Amsterdam?

Expo Stand Services is one of the best customs stand designers because we offer a wide range of services; that covers all stages of the process, from design to construction to storage.


  • We are a world-renowned exhibition stand design and construction company that promises customers across Europe world-class exhibition stand solutions. ESS realizes your stand construction projects for our customers and specializes in the creative construction of stands and pavilions. 
  • Thanks to our production facilities and design studios, we can offer our customers excellent solutions and inspire them to work with us year after year. This includes but is not limited to 3D branding, concept design, manufacture and assembly of exhibition stands and assembly of interiors all over the world. 
  • Our mission is to make our customers’ experiences smooth and exciting. To enable us to provide our customers with a highly efficient service, all of our manufacturing facilities are under one roof, and our teams work closely together to provide comprehensive support and solutions anywhere in the world. In addition, our goal is to offer innovative and outstanding exhibition stand designs. 

We fit into the structure of a good exhibition stands design company in Amsterdam!

We are a professional exhibition stand design company in the Netherlands with an established and unique identity, and we constantly strive to create designs with a unique look. These designs work, are realistic, and perfectly match your brand’s values ​​and mission. The goal is to create a complete and integrated whole that represents a unique and welcoming presence at an exhibition, thus attracting visitors who are often surrounded by many competing demands for their attention to a particular stand. We are your complete exhibition project and production company. The exhibitor’s message and brand image are strongly communicated thanks to a sophisticated and atypical stand design.

Our Qualities as an exhibition stand builder


  • Unlimited Options: With our custom stands, you can let your creativity runs wild and chooses from unlimited options.
  • On-time deliveries:With the support and commitment of our work teams, ESS manages the implementation of projects in compliance with international quality standards and always on-time deliveries. Our commitment to our services, with our fast turnaround times and strict quality standards help improve the process where we invest time up front to prioritize and organize as needed, making us the best exhibition stand designers. 
  • Perfect corporate image:Our displays present a company’s image and branding more effectively and engagingly than other stand design options. The entire theme and design can be edited and customized to showcase your branding and corporate identity company. 
  •  Own production facilities:We at ESS offer the best services and exhibition facilities, all under one roof. All of these exhibition services are internal; this includes the design of the exhibition stand, creative graphics, production, assembly and dismantling. As a result, we save time and help customers focus on other important aspects of their brand. 
  • An improved brand image:Bespoke stands allow for a better and stronger representation of the brand image as everything is tailored to the specific brand. 
  • Innovative & Creative custom design:We help companies and their brands to embody themselves in a way that customers identify with. We love the power of simplicity and the essence of aesthetics in the design and communication of our brand. Therefore, with the help of our design specialists, we have developed our design language to make this brand communication appealing through stand design, adapted to customer expectations.

In the end, innovation is in our blood, and you must see examples of our work to capture the essence of our work. Furthermore, our experience creating exhibits for the exhibition is second to none. Thanks to these characteristics and the working model, we offer the best quality services, making us the leading exhibition stand design company in Amsterdam.