How to Disconnect on Vacation: Tips to Put Aside Work & Obligations


Like any other machine that works at full capacity, our brain also needs to hit the off button for a while. Disconnecting on vacation is essential to fill us with energy, self-esteem, and creativity. Find out how to do it!

Although they try, many people make it to their first day of vacation without being able to disconnect from work. Tray emails, sound notifications, the stack of bills and files unattended … Endless obligations waving to us and we can overcome the challenges of the day, but that arrivals holidays we must put aside the Once for all. Now, why do we land on our days off still thinking about that task that we could not finish what are the tactics to disconnect and fully experience summer days or weekends?

Like everything, there is also an answer to that feeling of nervousness and restlessness that does not allow us to enjoy 100% of the present moment. Although the holidays are to isolate us, take energy, and become aware of our internal strength, this is not always the case.

Let’s start at the beginning of the routine – In our day-to-day and jobs we normally go through numerous situations that generate anxiety, and this causes us to live in a dynamic of sustained or sustained stress over time. In addition, it causes our mind to send constant signals to our body to keep it alert and ready to face these situations.

Of course, when the holiday period arrives, all this activation that we carried on our backs has to be reduced from 100 to 0 in a very short time. The consequence Our brain “short-circuits”, since a kind of “funnel” effect is produced through which it is very difficult to channel or manage all the excess previous activation.

Not letting our mind rest can negatively affect the strength of our immune system and our mental health.

Routine and work, whether inside or outside the home, expose our brain to sustained stress that, although it is optimal to keep us motivated in our tasks, uses resources of our bodies that are not unlimited and, therefore, need to recharge through rest. Holidays allow us to reconnect with the present and slow down that ‘business’ pace.

Emotional balance, creativity and mindfulness can get a serious turn if you do not take a break from your routine lifestyle. However, vacation is one such trick to take some time off from the stress and mental activities that have been giving you a tough time.

What happens if we do not disconnect during the holidays

If we are not able to disconnect, even for a few days, this can cause us physical and mental fatigue. In addition, it makes us more vulnerable to physical illnesses and, also, to emotional health problems, such as depression, anxiety or low self-esteem, among others.

Normally we are used to applying real solutions when something hurts, bothers us, or makes us tired and uncomfortable. However, long before this happens, on the mental plane, we can prepare and educate our minds to enjoy the vacation period without worries.

For example, before your days off it is recommended that you organize and plan your work so that you can get everything done before you go on vacation.

If there are tasks that you can tackle when you return from vacation, write them down in a list along with the information of when you will do those activities.

Prepare your vacation by writing in a list the essential activities that you would like to do, taking into account the time you have for it.

Organize your time taking into account your personal leisure space and your social leisure space (friends, partner, family, etc.), and reserve exclusive time for rest and disconnection.

Keys to press the off button and enjoy the present

Now, the complicated part can come when we are on the second or third day of vacation and we continue to await some work matter. Error! The best way to stop that rerun that chases us on the beach, in the mountains, or even at sunset, is to follow these steps

As far as possible, disconnect from all those applications or platforms that connect you with work. Silence notifications or log out of corporate accounts to be able to disconnect 100%, and do not open them until your vacation period is over.

You can practice mindfulness and work it conscientiously or simply practice mindfulness focused on the present to enjoy your vacation. That is, being in the here and now without traveling to the past or the future.

Be careful with your thoughts! Manage that your thoughts are within everything that implies being on vacation. For example, think about what you have liked the most so far, what things you would like to do, or what activities have fun for you the most, for example. This will help you keep your work thoughts at bay.

It is a fact our brain needs to disconnect from day to day, tasks, responsibilities, and self-demands. Like any other machine that works at full capacity, the brain needs to hit the off button for a while.

We all understand that a car cannot be driven 365 days a year without filling it with gasoline, changing the oil, having it checked or letting the engine rest every ‘x’ time. The same goes for our mind, which needs a breather from time to time.

Therefore, for you to safely apply the keys and tips mentioned above, we show you some of the benefits that taking a break and mentally turning off all obligations can bring us on a psychological level.

1. Lowers anxiety levels

Being on vacation, totally disconnected, helps us reduce anxiety levels in our bodies. In fact, on a physical level, cortisol concentrations (a stress-related hormone) decrease, and its negative effects on health are repaired. While on a mental level, negative automatic thoughts lose strength.

2. Strengthen your self-esteem

Surely more than once you have felt that feeling of strength and freedom that does not have schedules or obligations. Well, in addition to lowering stress levels, vacations also reinforce our self-esteem by giving us a space to focus on ourselves, listen to our needs and take care of ourselves.

3. Recharge your batteries

As you may have already realized, it is impossible to maintain unlimited high motivation, just as it is impossible to always be 100% happy. Our brain is not prepared to handle high doses of continuous energy. However, vacations can be a good way to recharge our batteries and focus on where we want to go.

4. Boost creativity

A rested and open brain is a more creative brain. Take advantage of the days off, recharge yourself with energy and be guided by everything your body says. Remove limiting thoughts, musings, and start creating! Perhaps you rediscover that hidden knowledge that lives within you.

5. Recover emotional stability

Disconnecting from obligations helps you regain emotional stability and even feel happy. Rest and doing pleasant activities on our vacations encourage our body to produce endorphins and dopamine.

6. More physical and mental energy

It is very likely that, after the holidays, we will return with more physical and mental energy. This also translates into greater ability to concentrate, greater memory, more efficient decision making and a faster response capacity. The sum of all this will allow us to be more productive and efficient in our work and our day-to-day.

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