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Do you have a fear of heights? You want to fly, but your fictitious acrophobia keeps you from doing so?

Well, try parasailing while you’re in the Jaisalmer deserts. Jaisalmer is the best place in Rajasthan to go parasailing because of its rich culture, ancient ruins, and man-made lakes. Get ready to sail with the wind and get a bird’s-eye view of the Thar Desert as a whole.


Parachutes are attached to the back of the jeep and launched in the wind’s direction as part of the activity. Experienced parasailing instructors oversee the entirety of this activity. Take a break from your busy schedule and get ready to fly over Jaisalmer’s barren landscape. We can guarantee that you won’t want to miss out on your chance to participate in the thrilling parasailing activity!

Cost of Parasailing in Jaisalmer

Cost of Parasailing in Jaisalmer Various service providers charge varying prices for this activity. For a 30-minute parasailing adventure, the average price per person is between Rs 800 and Rs 1,500.

The aero sport of parasailing, which allows you to imagine the sky as a playground, could be your true calling to adventure in Jaisalmer. Because it is both safe and daring at the same time, this session in the golden city is a standout air sport. Jaisalmer Parasailing gives you a bird’s-eye view of the magnificent dry sand and endless desert that look like pictures and lets you feel the chills of flying high.

In addition, as you conquer Jaisalmer’s golden dunes, the teams will take stunning pictures of you. Even more appealing is the fact that anyone over ten years old can participate in this sport without a care in the world. The skilled team of instructors who keep controlling the glide on the ground is the reason why this sport is preferred by most tourists over others because it is neither uncomfortable nor unsafe. Therefore, the time has come for you to conquer your daring objectives or conquer your fear of heights. Although this grand leisure activity only lasts thirty minutes, the three to five minutes spent parasailing will leave you with a mountain of fond memories.

Your reservations for this thrilling activity may be rescheduled if the weather is unfavorable because it is weather-dependent. Therefore, you should allow an additional day or two to enjoy this captivating experience.

Things to Bring:

 Bring your own camera so you can remember the moment forever.

Bring an extra set of clothes because you will get dirty. Bring sunscreen to protect your skin from sunburn, especially when you are in a serene and beautiful place like Rajasthan. Don’t forget your sunglasses to shield you from the sun and windswept sand. This wish can come true at the Golden Camp in Sam Village, Jaisalmer. The Sam Village in Jaisalmer is one of India’s most popular places to go parasailing. It has everything you need to make it a place you’ll remember for a long time. Due to the level of excitement it provides, parasailing is the most popular of these activities. As with other sports, this one does not require any special training, and anyone, with the exception of young children and people with special needs, can have a great time parasailing. The best time to practice parasailing is from September to February, so if you want to enjoy this amazing sport, go during this time.

A tow rope is used to attach the Parasail wing

a canopy that resembles a parachute—to a vehicle in parasailing. The parasail wing and the person will then fly into the air as the vehicle departs at high speed. The vehicle will gradually slow down its speed after a predetermined distance, ensuring the person’s safe landing. Well, the terrain almost guarantees that nothing will go wrong. Additionally, the Parasailing experts at Sam Village will ensure your safety and provide you with all instructions. All safety gear is readily available at the location; all you need to do is adhere to the guidelines and safety procedures laid out by the experts there. It will be so thrilling and awe-inspiring when you take off into the sky and are sailing high and tearing through the air. It feels like you’re flying through the desert while taking in the tranquil and stunning view. This experience will be ingrained in your memories for the rest of your life.

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