3 Brows Treatment You Should Definitely Try Once!?

Eyebrows not only draw attention to your eyes, but they also frame and characterize your face. This is why selecting the proper brow treatment is critical. However, with so many brow treatments available today, from tinting and laminating to microblading and micro-shading, selecting the appropriate procedure to give you the brows of your dreams can be difficult and frustrating.

The most popular brow treatments available, and how to determine one is best for you:


Threading is widely regarded as one of the safest methods of brow grooming. It is especially beneficial for those who suffer from folliculitis or post-wax outbreaks. Threading produces comparable results as waxing but is gentler on the skin because little to no skin is removed. The sole disadvantage is the possibility of rug burn if the wrong thread (wool thread) is used instead of cotton or polyester thread, which glides easier over the skin. Another potential disadvantage is that the hair may break rather than be entirely pulled out at the root, causing the hair to grow back considerably faster.


Microblading is a form of brow tattooing procedure that uses tiny, fine-point needles to implant semi-permanent color into your skin in small, feather-light strokes. As a result, the brows appear bigger and more natural. The depth of implantation is determined by how heavy-handed or light-handed the technician is, as well as the type of pigments employed in the process. Brow microblading can last from 12 to 18 months, but touch-ups are recommended every six to twelve months to keep the color vibrant. Microblading should only be used to conceal brow issues such as scars, bald areas, or thinning brows.

eyebrow tint - henna for brows


Eyebrow Tinting:

Eyebrow tinting is a procedure that shapes and defines brows by using a vegetable-based tint. The color usually lasts between four weeks. When done correctly, it gives the brows a very natural appearance. Tinting is ideal for those who want to conceal grey hairs or bring out new growth or lighter hairs to create the appearance of a larger brow. Tinting can be done on the entire brow or just in regions that require more color or thickness.

Henna Brows:

Apart from being natural, henna brow tinting is distinctive in that it not only colors the brow hair but also the skin beneath the hair. This gives the brows a more defined shape and a filled-in look. Brow tinting using henna lasts somewhat longer than regular brow tinting. When you get henna tinted, you may have to give up your brow pencil for 4 to 6 weeks. Unlike brow tinting, it does not require a peroxide activator to activate the shade.

This is a type of brow tinting that involves staining the skin beneath your brows with henna (a plant-based dye). The main benefit of using henna over ordinary eyebrow tint is that the results of henna brows often persist for two to three weeks, whereas standard tint only lingers on the skin for two to three days. It also effectively conceals grey hair. However, henna coloring may not persist as long if you have oily skin, according to the brow specialist. This brow treatment is ideal for those with dense, fluffy brows and sensitive skin.

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