5 Simple Steps to Choosing the Best Banquet Hall for Your Wedding

Arranging a wedding is no mean task. Even with the best wedding planner in town and the guidance of experienced members of the family, planning and executing a wedding to perfection is a perennial challenge. And no matter how well-informed you are, it always gets stuck at the same point of cluelessness – you simply don’t know where to start. With so many things to do and even more things to manage, things get so overwhelming that prioritising the tasks becomes almost next to impossible. And that is where this article helps. It talks about the second most important element in a wedding after the budget, the venue. A spacious and upscale venue can instantly glam up your wedding and make things hassle-free for you with its in-house services. Therefore, it’s imperative to choose the right venue for the most special event in your life. And this article provides 5 simple steps to help you do that with ease. So, there you are. Simply follow these steps and book the banquet hall of your dreams. 

Step 1: Finalise the Number of your Guests, your Wedding Budget and your Location

Before you start searching for a venue, deciding on a few things like the total number of guests, the wedding budget and location are very important. First, start by checking your bank accounts. Think about how much you can spend on your wedding. Borrowing from others or opting for a bank loan is not a good idea. Focus on how much you have in your account instead. Then set aside the budget for the venue. Prepare the final guest list, or, at least, the list of people you intend to invite. Deductions from the list can be done later to match your budget. Once these two things are more or less decided, select a suitable location for the grand event. Picking out the right location is very important in a wedding because it affects your schedule and impacts your overall budget. A location near your home and the local marketplace with great accessibility can save you a lot of time and money. So, choose a convenient location for the most special occasion in your life.

Step 2: Choose a wedding venue after proper market research

Once you have a fair bit of idea about how much money you have at your disposal, how many guests you are going to invite to your wedding and what location you need to focus on, it’s time to look out for the dream wedding venue. There could be different types of venues where you can arrange your wedding like a farmhouse, resort or five-star hotel. But if you have a budget in mind and yet want a picturesque setup for your wedding, going for a banquet hall would be the best idea. If you are from Delhi NCR, you can find many budget Banquet halls in Gurgaon as well as luxury halls where you can plan a lavish picture-perfect wedding. Just keep two things in mind while choosing the perfect venue for your dream wedding – first, the banquet halls you have shortlisted should be within the location you’ve selected and second you should conduct thorough online market research on all of them before choosing the right venue for yourself. 

Step 3: Prepare a list of Requirements

Now that you have shortlisted a few good venues in the locality of your choice, it’s time to prepare a list of important queries you should ask all these preferred venues. The questions you should ask them are whether they offer important services like catering, decoration and DJ/music in-house. Do they have empanelled vendors in case they don’t provide in-house services? Can their in-house team decorate the venue as per the theme you have in mind? Do they charge extra if the event stretches beyond a particular point in time? Do they offer any discounts? There could be an n-number of queries in your mind. Make sure you have answers to all of them before narrowing down on a single venue. Get in touch with the venue managers of these shortlisted banquet halls over the phone and note down the answers they provide to each of your queries. 

Step 4: Physically Visit the Shortlisted Venues for the Final Assessment

This is a very important step for venue selection. Never choose the venue for your wedding without physically visiting the place. Meet the venue managers of the shortlisted banquet halls, and minutely inspect all their facilities and amenities provided and the safety norms they adhere to. Check whether what they promise online actually matches the reality or not. Find out their emergency power backup arrangements. Also, drop in at these places at someone else’s wedding and do some live food tasting to check whether they would be able to match your expectations or not.

Step 5: Choose Your Wedding Venue and Book in Advance

If you have followed all the steps mentioned above rigorously, you must have got down to the venue of your dreams by now. The venue with the maximum number of tick marks against your queries is your obvious choice. Now, it’s time to book the venue. Do this well before your wedding date. There are many cheap banquet halls in south Delhi that are booked eight to nine months in advance. So, if you have really liked a venue that suits your preferences, don’t delay in booking that venue to avoid losing out to others. 


The steps mentioned above in this article can help you find out the wedding venue of your dreams. Choose a banquet hall that has the reputation and expertise to meet your expectations in terms of amenities, services and cost. Since a wedding venue can make or spoil a wedding, just don’t leave anything to introspection. Check all the fine prints including the refund options in case you need to postpone your wedding due to any emergency. So, all the best for your venue search and a happy wedding.


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