A Detailed Guide to Choosing the Best Road Bike

Whether you’re a competitive cyclist or a casual weekend rider, a road bike is an essential piece of equipment. Road bikes are lightweight and efficient machines that provide a fast and comfortable ride, making them ideal for competitive racing and everyday use. But with so many options available, it can be difficult to decide on the best road bike for your needs. 

This guide will provide an in-depth look at the different types of road bikes, helping you make an informed decision when buying. We’ll discuss the different components that make up a road bike, the benefits of different types of frames, and the various features that should be considered when choosing the best road bike for you.

What Type of Road Riding Have You Been Planning?

The experts working for the best giant bike shop said road riding means different things to different people. The roads in your block will also vary a lot. Of course, riding impeccable mountains in Switzerland is not the same as tackling the Australian backcountry roads. Also, not everybody shares the same flexibility, athletic capacity, or fitness. The bike industry tries to serve practically all modern-day individuals, but not every bike is meant for you.

Differing riding techniques, roads, and body shapes paved the way for diversification. The top brands divided their bikes into three major categories –

  • All-around race bikes balance stiffness, lightweight, comfort, and lso aerodynamics. They help you cover varied roads efficiently.
  • Aero bikes are a great choice for people planning on riding through a rolling or flat terrain.
  • Endurance road bikes take all the features of all-around race bikes and make them more versatile, comfortable, and accessible. They are ideal for the masses.

How Much Are You Willing to Spend?

According to the experts at the bike shop, by spending more, you can get your hands on a high-performance bike. It is lighter, more durable, more comfortable, and more aerodynamic. There are plenty of exceptions, and the laws of diminishing returns have a major role to play in the road bike industry. Below are a few elements to keep in mind.

  • Op for an aluminium frame or something manufactured of steel. If you have a broader budget, you can invest in titanium or carbon fibre frames. The materials used do not matter much. What matters is how the material is utilised. A properly designed aluminium frame is better than a poorly engineered carbon frame.
  • Which one is better – rim brake or disc brake? Reputed brands do not prefer rim brakes because of old technology. Progressive disc brakes are much better. Disc brakes ensure stopping control, specifically in wet areas. They are also compatible with wide tyres.
  • Wheels can make a huge difference to your ride. Bike shop employees said wheel sets that weigh more than 1600 g are on the heavier side. Entry-level bikes are generally equipped with wheels over 2000 g.
  • The more money you spend, the more gears your bike will be equipped with, and the smoother it can function. With most things in riding, there is an inverse relation between price and component weight. 
  • Should you purchase a bike online or a local shop? The former has a price advantage and the latter provides you with a hands-on service. When buying from a local shop, you also become a part of a riding community.
  • If you are new to road biking, please keep money aside for extras. You must get pedals, shoes, helmets, bibs/shorts, bottle cages, a pump, and spares for fixing flat tyres.

Why Pay Attention to Fit?

When riding bikes, you have to maintain a particular posture for a prolonged period. Getting the wrong setup or size will increase your discomfort and increase the risk of injuries. Make sure your bike fits your body correctly.

Be realistic about athletic ability and flexibility. If you cannot touch your own toes, you must not go for a powerful race bike. As mentioned right in the beginning, endurance bikes are perfect for the masses. People are most likely to be comfortable on this kind of bike since they offer a relaxing riding position.

For size, many people compare across different brands. Well remember, there are no specific standards for how the bike sizes are labelled. A 50 cm frame of one brand may be the same as a 55 cm in another.

When buying the best bike for road, test it under all circumstances. Road bikes are hardly available at the moment. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, most of the shops are not carrying demo fleets anymore. If you manage to take a ride around your locality or even a bit farther, we would encourage you to do that. Now you may not get the chance. Rely on the opinions from friends and family or people you have full confidence in.

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