Atlas Review of Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Review by Atlas

With over four years of experience, Nicole brings great customer service to Atlas Physical Therapy. Her passion is seeing patients heal with the help of her staff, which she understands the importance of building a good team. Aside from insurance benefits verification, Nicole has extensive experience with preauthorization and workers’ compensation authorizations. In addition to being efficient and effective, she is also a good communicator.

Dith, M.D.

Atlas Physical Therapy is a physical therapy practice in West Orange, New Jersey that offers personalized, integrative, and skilled care. Their team promotes physical rehabilitation for patients. The physical therapists at Atlas Physical Therapy are experienced in treating patients with spinal cord injuries, slipped discs, and broken bones.

Besides treating orthopedic and neurological conditions, Dr. Dith also treats post-surgical conditions. In addition to vestibular rehabilitation, he also treats patients who have undergone surgery. As a physician, he strives to provide patients with the same level of care he would desire himself. Spending time with his family, gardening, and watching movies are some of his favorite pastimes.


Gabrielsen, Ph.D.

Physical therapy services are provided by Atlas Physical Therapy in West Orange, NJ. In order to achieve optimal physical rehabilitation, these services are tailored to each patient’s needs. Atlas Physical Therapy’s physical therapists are dedicated to helping their patients reach their maximum potential in physical rehabilitation through decades of combined experience.

His bachelor’s degree in psychology was earned at Weber State University, and he earned his doctorate at the University of St. Augustine. He also holds several post-doctoral certifications, including manual therapy and treatment of TMJ disorders. Studying history, philosophy, and tabletop games are some of the activities he enjoys with his family, playing basketball and ultimate frisbee, and spending time with his friends.

Neeti, doctor

Atlas Physical Therapy is located in West Orange, NJ, and is devoted to delivering personalized, integrated, and skilled services. A major part of their mission is to assist patients in achieving their goals and promote physical rehabilitation. At Atlas Physical Therapy, we have the experience and skill to help patients with chronic pain or sudden injuries.

Her experience as a physical therapist preceded her joining the Atlas team. In 1999, she earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida, and in 2005, she earned a master’s degree from the University of St. Augustine. A married mother of two boys, she has two sons. In addition to cooking and traveling, she enjoys spending time with her family.


Located in West Orange, NJ, Atlas Physical Therapy provides patients with skilled, integrative physical therapy services. Their mission is to assist patients in achieving physical rehabilitation and wellness. Atlas works with patients closely to help them achieve optimal results. Several conditions and injuries require physical therapy for recovery.

Nicole has been with Atlas since its inception and provides exceptional customer service. Her passion for teamwork and enjoyment of working with patients make her an invaluable addition to the practice. Seeing patients heal under the guidance of her team is also a rewarding experience for her. She is extremely efficient and knowledgeable about insurance benefits verification, workers’ compensation authorizations, auto claims, and pre-authorizations.

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