Best Academic Writing Tools in 2023 for Undergraduate Assignments

academic writing tools

Writing unique, quality-wise good, and plagiarism-free academic writing is a tricky as well as challenging task. Not all students who are enrolled in an undergraduate degree are good at academic writing. However, there is a desire in every student to improve his academic grades and get an A+ on his assignment. If you are a student who lacks writing and research skills, then know that writing a perfect assignment is not possible without using academic writing tools. Yes, such tools can help you improve your writing and get you an A+ easily.

With your presence in this post, it is not difficult to guess that you do not know about such tools and that you are here to learn about them. Well, you have just knocked on the right door for this knowledge. In today’s post, we will explore the best academic writing tools in 2023 that can help undergraduate students write their assignments on time. Before discussing the tools, let’s talk about their importance.

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How are online writing tools helpful in writing assignments?

This is a question that may be coming to your mind how do writing tools can help you write good assignments? Well, the answer to this question is very simple. Let’s take an example of a university student who wants to select a topic for his history assignment. After careful thinking, he still has no idea what his topic should be. So, he goes to the internet, opens an assignment title generator tool, and inserts the keywords. The tool suggests some good topics for his history assignment. See how the tool has made assignment writing easy.

Top tools for academic writing in 2023

Tools play important in writing good undergraduate assignments. It is the academic writing tools that help you choose a good topic for your assignment and collect the best available information. It is also the tools that help devise an effective writing plan for your assignment and paves the way for success. Now the question is, what are those tools? Hence, a brief description of all the tools is as follows:

Ivypanda – Free assignment topic generator

Normally, a teacher assigns a topic to undergraduate students for writing an assignment. However, in some cases, the teacher does not send the topic and asks students to craft a topic on their own. He just provides them with keywords for the assignment. If this is the case with you, you can use Ivypanda’s free assignment topic generator tool. All you need to do is insert your assignment keywords in the search box, and that is it. Click on the “Generate Ideas” button below, and brand-new topics will be in front of you.

ResearchGate – Best tool for research

Research is the most important aspect of academic writing. It means if you want to write a perfect undergraduate assignment, then you should have abilities to research properly on the chosen topic. One of the best academic writing tools that can help you for research purposes is ResearchGate. Actually, it is a website that is home to millions of research papers, research assignments, and theses. You can use this tool to collect the most authentic and credible information relevant to your topic.

Google Scholar – Another best research tool

It is very rare that you do not find the required information using ResearchGate. However, in case you are not successful in obtaining the right pieces of information, then another academic writing tool, named Google Scholar, can help you a lot. Developed by Google, this tool is also home to millions of research papers and undergraduate assignments. Its working mechanism is also very simple. As the researcher, you just need to paste your topic into the search box and wait for the magic to happen.

Essay Map – The best assignment planning tool

Planning before commencing academic writing is essential. It is because a plan does not allow you to get off track when the actual writing process starts. Thus, for quality undergraduate assignment writing, planning is crucial, and one of the best academic writing tools in this regard is Essay Map. This tool can create a hypothetical table of contents for your assignment. You just need to enter the names of major sections and subsections of the assignment. Leave the rest to this tool.

MS Word – Best assignment writing tool

Developed by the tech-giant Microsoft, MS Word is a solution for all your academic writing problems. It allows you to format undergraduate assignments as per the guidelines of your teacher. Also, it organizes the ideas and thoughts discussed in the assignment in a neat and clean manner. MS Word sits on the top of the best academic writing tools. You can add references, change page alignments, insert a picture, and perform many other tasks using this.

Grammarly – Best grammar mistake remover

Grammatical mistakes are not acceptable in academic writing. Even a single mistake can cost you one mark in the final assessment. Therefore, you must make sure that your assignment does not contain grammar mistakes. The best tool to perform this task is Grammarly. This tool uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to detect grammatical mistakes in your academic writing. It also gives you the solution to the mistake.

Turnitin – Best plagiarism checker

Plagiarism is not acceptable in undergraduate assignments. Even a single percent of plagiarism can get you a lower grade. Also, academic writing should be original. To maintain this originality, you should make sure that your writing is plagiarism-free. One of the best academic writing tools to check this is Turnitin. This tool analyses your academic text and provides you with a plagiarism percentage. It also highlights the plagiarised sentences so that you can make necessary corrections to take the plagiarism level to zero.

Final Words

To sum up, writing unique content on your assignment topic is crucial to getting good marks. You can only do so by using the best academic writing tools. Such tools guide you the best about how to write well. In this guidepost, we have discussed the top 7 tools. The tools discussed above can help you a lot in writing good university assignments. Thus, go through them and use them frequently in your academic writing tasks.

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