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A new type of web directory has become hugely popular in the last two to three months. These are called bidding web directory. This is very different Alta en Directorios from traditional web directories or link directories. This type of bid directory has a minimum bid option, that allows you to submit your site. But then you don’t have any higher limits. Usually the top ten bids are placed on the home page, and if you have money you can bid a higher place for your directory. Also on general directories if you want a home page link, it could take you lot of money because you will have to buy a site wide link in that case. But with bidding directories it is easy, usually the tenth link that you should look to replace don’t have a huge bid, so you can easily manage a homepage link.

Direct competition

This is direct competition, and if you want to dominate as most big webmasters want, just buy a top link and get the other behind. I have seen big website owners bid huge amounts to get on top of others, this helps in creating brand awareness. The top links get traffic also, for an example this bidding web directory harmu dot com has more than two hundred unique visitors daily, and most of it is transferred in the top few bidders, and with most bidding directories traffic can always be expected.

On usual web directories there are lots of featured and regular links, so the visibility is always less. The featured links are seen a bit but regular links are usually not. Most free or paid web directories usually sort there listings on page rank, and if you see the top links on the category pages they usually have huge page ranks, like page rank eight, or may be seven, and the first few pages on every category has at least page rank five websites, so if you don’t have a huge page rank for your site then regular links are not going to help you anyway, so it is advisable to buy a featured link at stay on top and visible. On the other hand the bidding web directories is very different, you just need the funds as the more you pay the more visible you become. But then new and quality web directories which don’t have too many out going links may help you get a listing on a page that actually have page rank. Not too many new web directories are good, after all searching any search engine with good web directory only gives this directory every time, this one must be good after all, though this is a business Alta en Directorios and not just a bidding web directory.

Most important aspect of the bidding web directory

Now coming to the most important aspect of the bidding web directory, I mean the back links. On most of the bid directories the minimum bid is $1 which is way to less. So this type of directory can give you an easy back link. Some of these directories may have increased the payments but still the minimum bid is way to less than most other paid web directories. This is another benefit of the bidding web directory. So start searching the web for bidding web directory and make your sites and blogs visible on the Internet.

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