Could you suggest a computer engineering final thesis topic?

Completing a master’s thesis in computer engineering is the most difficult task that researchers and students look for help with my assignment around the world. It is needless to say that computer engineering will open the door to career opportunities (bestassignmentwriter, 2022). This is why finding a fresh thesis topic in the field of computer engineering becomes more challenging because it is one of the most evolving areas that research scholars choose. In this mechanization era, new and unique developments emerge with each passing day.


These technologies generally make human life much simpler and more efficient (Loubier, 2021). Cell phones, laptop computers, and other electronic devices have become an absolutely essential part of our daily lives. The seed of this technological development is computer engineering. There are numerous good computer engineering topics for M.Tech and Ph.D. projects, thesis, and research. That student usually buy coursework for their computer engineering assignments.


Students should change their approach from outdated topics such as library management systems and school management systems etc to the latest technologies, which are in high demand these days and will determine their future.


Here is a list of the most recent topics in computer engineering that you can work on for your project work, thesis, or research.


1. A study to examine the benefits and challenges of using robotics in service delivery.

Artificial intelligence will be used to create auto robots, such as those used to care for elderly people in Japan. The purpose of this research is to analyze the problems and benefits of using robots to provide services.


2. Virtual reality systems’ impact on product promotion.

Virtual reality technology has enabled the creation of a 3D environment where people can interact as if they were in a physical environment. This research will look at how the advent of virtual reality has prompted an increase in product promotion.


3. The study will also look at the cost-benefits of the technology and how it can be implemented in a business for product promotion.

Cloud computing can extend the life of mobile batteries and increase processing power. The battery life of many smartphones today ranges between 2 and 12 hours. This has become a significant barrier to the use of mobile technology, particularly in areas with no electrical connections. This research will look at how cloud computing technology can be used to improve mobile phone battery life by testing the computing power of smartphones.


4. Natural language processing integration in Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is well-known for its excellent service, particularly in writing. However, its use is restricted to people that understand computer use and is limited to common languages. The purpose of this research is to look into how natural language processing can be used to incorporate indigenous languages into Microsoft’s office suite.


5. Detecting irresponsible social network usage using big data analytics

Big data analytics (BDA) innovation has aided many businesses in processing real-time information from diverse sources. This has enabled us to optimize the decision-making and monitoring processes. This research will look at how BDA can be used in the workplace to control insensitive social media use.


6. Evaluation of database security mechanisms’ effects on system performance

Any database needs security mechanisms because they help in the detection and prevention of any kind of cyberattack. However, some security measures have operational costs or performance problems that impede the delivery of services. This research will look at how database security mechanisms affect system performance.


Keep in mind that numerous fields today use computer science. Its applications include physics and medicine, as well as education and entertainment. You can concentrate on the theoretical aspect of a topic or introduce your thoughts on the practical application of a specific program.


7. An overview of various business stimulation tools; evaluation of their impact on tertiary business school student learning

Information and communication technologies have significantly increased the efficiency of business processes, resulting in more effective organizational functions. The development of multimedia has also given rise to more robust social, entertainment, and information-sharing platforms. The main areas of research in information and communications technology include multimedia information systems and business process designs.


8. M-Government: Mobile government’s advantages and results for interconnected societies

Multi-agent systems enable greater collaboration among multiple agents working toward a common goal. Multi-agent systems are becoming more adaptable in tandem with advances in artificial intelligence. Stimulation programs are another type of intelligent computer program that aims to work in extremely complex scenarios.


9. In light of the existing challenges, enabling the use of e-commerce in Saudi Arabia.

A booming trend that creates numerous new research opportunities is a software as a service (SAAS), which is a result of the Internet’s increasing power.


10. Cloud computing’s effects on the multimedia sector

Security continues to be one of the biggest concerns and a key area of research with the development of information and communication technologies.


11. Management of information security in information systems

The business environment, organizational culture, the objectives and obligations of the various roles, the interpretations of the various actions, and the related behavioral patterns all influence information system security management. According to the findings of the two case studies, computer-based information systems’ integrity and organizational integrity are impacted by insufficient analysis, design, and management. As a result, there is a higher chance that unfavorable events will occur. Security precautions are very likely to be disregarded or insufficient for an organization’s actual needs in such a setting. The business environment in which computer-based information systems are integrated must be consistent in order to function.


12. A framework for evaluating the accuracy of customer information

This thesis addresses a common, significant, and enduring issue in the practice of information systems: an inadequate investment in the quality of customer information. To invest in information technology and associated processes, many organizations require clear financial models. However, there are no widely recognized methods for rigorously articulating the benefits and costs of potential improvements in customer information quality. This can lead to low-quality customer information, which has an impact on the organization’s overall goals.



Bottom line

Since there are so many topics to choose from, the list is incomplete. However, these are the current hot topics. You are free to select any of these topics and create a quality report whether you are preparing for a presentation, thesis project, or seminar.


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