Creating Own-brand Platform With Customized eLearning Solutions

custom eLearning development

Conventional learning and practicing lose efficiency in an ever-changing business atmosphere, don’t cut it anymore. Organizations constantly need new solutions for their learning and development programs. The value of a new solution is its robustness and versatility. It should deliver training programs in multiple modes. New solutions should improve learner engagement, integrate learning with performance, and rapidly deliver desired results.

One solution that resonates with these needs is eLearning solutions. It has disrupted the traditional method of classroom training, converting the learning process into an immersive form of training with high impact.

eLearning solution is a robust and flexible set of systems for learners and trainers to connect on a commonly managed learning system. Programs are delivered in various formats with ample flexibility for custom eLearning development. Service providers can create the organization’s own branded learning platform. It can implement a strategic, branched-learning approach to achieve multiple learning goals simultaneously.

What is eLearning, and what can it offer?

eLearning refers to the delivery of learning modules over the Internet. This mode of learning encompasses different techniques such as audio recordings, video recordings, quizzes, presentations, discussion groups, games, and much more. An eLearning development service provider combines various services into a single platform called the electronic learning platform via a learning management system. The platform brings together the learners and trainers to use different tools, resources, and information to manage the delivery of the learning programs.

Custom eLearning development gives the best ROI when an organization needs smart and effective training programs that engage employees with expert instructional design, and technology.

What are eLearning solutions?

As an internet-driven learning method, eLearning solutions combine the best of traditional methods with a modern approach. Conventional methods are adopted to create the course content. Instructional designers, course designers, and subject matter experts all come together to plan and create the learning content. Only the mode of delivery of the content changes and becomes dynamic and interactive. Interaction between tutors and students is online, leading to a rapid new learning curve.

The instruction and learning process is in a virtualized atmosphere. But it closely mimics the same ecosystem as the traditional instructor-led, on-premise sessions. And with custom eLearning development, advantages are optimized.

What is custom eLearning development?

Custom eLearning development is the process of creating learning content for the specific purpose of an organization. It may include creating a branded platform for the organization. It ensures the lessons are well-scripted.

Some of the features of custom eLearning development are

  • Creating well-scripted learning content
  • Using professional voiceover to deliver the lessons
  • Creating of custom graphics and animated characters
  • Creating powerful visuals, especially video graphics
  • AME-based learning solutions with rewards for positive learning outcomes
  • Ongoing training review and content quality monitoring

Customized eLearning solutions are most effective in blended learning modes. It simplifies the learning process since multiple modalities reinforce the learned concepts besides practicing the skills.

Organizations need eLearning solutions that rapidly address their learning needs. At the same time, these solutions are cost-effective and can be created in a short timeframe. The intelligent integration of technology with learning systems pays rich dividends for organizations. With customized content, the specific gaps in employees’ skills are addressed effectively. Customization also allows organizations to scale their programs and create hybrid courses when needed. Custom eLearning development companies use unique strategies during instructional designing, visual designing, and other stages of content development. Their graphically rich eLearning solutions satisfy an organization’s unique and specific needs.

Wrapping Up

When choosing a customized eLearning development provider, companies must evaluate several factors. Is the provider able to customize the solution specifically for your business niche? Will their development and delivery timeframes match your timeline? What are their solutions for performance challenges and innovation? Will they help you identify your learning goals and measure learning outcomes?

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