Dheere Dheere Se Malini is irritated with Bhanu

Dheere Dheere Se Malini is irritated with Bhanu

Dheere Dheere Se Bhanu states to Bhawana that he can offer her just 15 thousand. He adds that they must decide their priorities at some stage in their lives. If she had been able to agree before the sale of Barsati then she wouldn’t be in this predicament right now. She advises her to make her option wisely and leaves the premises. Malini is watching the scene. On the other hand, Raghav is also with Aarav and is helping him by assisting him with the project. Raghav recalls Vikas as well as Brij Mohan’s conversation, which then derails the idea of Aarav. Aarav is adamant Raghav to pay attention or that Raghav could be in the crossfire of his teacher.

Raghav apologizes to him and is focused on the task at hand. In the Dheere Dheere Se, Bhanu is working at work in the room. He is shocked to see Malini behind him, who hasn’t made any noise. He advises her to not be a shock to him and do the same stunt following the wedding of their son. Then he asks Malini what is the reason for her looking angry. Malini questions him about the need to pay Bhawana the money of 15000 as they have yet to pay enough for the wedding of Abhishek. Bhanu states that he has his motives. The money he gives to Bhawana will give him a good reputation and the possibility of taking revenge as well.

Dheere Dheere Se Malini Confused

Malini appears confused, so Bhanu informs Malini. that Bhawana requested him to give thirty thousand rupees. but the only amount he offered her was fifteen. He is confident that Bhawana will prefer her happiness for Aanchal instead of Barsati. Giving her money will allow him to earn praise from the public because of his good care for his deceased sister’s spouse and daughters. Malini wonders, what is revenge? Bhanu remembers Bhawana who was against his wishes of selling the Barsati. Bhanu tells Malini that Bhawana isn’t able to pay the lawyer’s fees and they’ll have to sell the Barsati and then Bhawana will remain their worker for the rest of his life. Malini watches.

Gaurav acknowledges Raghav for his help in helping Aarav in his work in Serial Dheere Dheere Se, however, Raghav is lost in thoughts of Vikas along with Brij Mohan’s conversations and says that this isn’t fair, which confuses Gaurav. Raghav says to Gaurav the truth that Brij Mohan is looking to fight with people who are already broke.

Gaurav warns Raghav about this issue, saying that it’s best to remain silent and not impose Brij Mohan, or otherwise they’ll have to be a victim of the former’s anger. Raghav expressed his concerns about Shastri’s assertion that Gaurav even though he does not like Bhanu however other family members are living in the house, right? Swati arrives and informs Raghav that she agrees with him, however, Shastri must quit being stubborn and let them sell their Barsati (upstairs area) to put an end to this issue and all. She believes she knows the person he’s concerned about. She claims that she believes Raghav is worried about someone else, you can watch full episodes at Jio Cinema USA.

Raghav and Gaurav InsistsĀ 

Raghav and Gaurav look at Swati. He insists that he does not worry about anyone specifically. He then informs Gaurav that it’s the other person, not Bhanu however it’s Bhawana who is likely to be on the other side, and everyone knows the kind of person Deepak is and also knows the character of Bhawana, and Raghav is concerned about her. Swati is convinced that all she wants Raghav to be doing is assist Bhawana frequently and end up in trouble, which would force him to quit the house. Another side Malini advises Bhanu that he has to return his tempo to Afsal Khan. Bhanu declares that when the engagement has ended, he’ll throw the money at Afsal’s head and take back the speed.

Vaibhav requests his staff to call a client to arrange an appointment the next day. The client reminds him of the Barsati case hearing in the case of Bhanu Shastri. Vaibhav states that he’s exhausted from fighting it and not receiving any money, and they won’t take part in the matter for a while. Then Bhawana arrives at the scene with money and states that she’ll pay the fee in time and requests to accept the case. Vaibhav is delighted and accepts. Raghav thinks he needs to be alert to Bhawana concerning Brij Mohan’s motives. Raghav is also concerned that if he does, it would be against the ethical code of conduct in the workplace.

Bhawana’s Planning

Bhawana is planning to pay the amount but she gets a message from Raghav who asks her not to spend her money on this case, saying that Brij Mohan could be the only one to prevail in this. Raghav hopes Bhawana will read the message and resigns from the matter. At Shastri’s residence, Bhanu is having a discussion with family members regarding wedding arrangements of Abhishek. Abhishek tells Vidya that Bhawana was seen leaving as he hunts for her. Bhanu states that Bhawana was likely to pay for Aanchal’s school trip costs. Bhanu then lauds himself for doing all he can to help his sister’s spouse and daughters. Then Aanchal and Aarushi arrive at the scene. Bhanu speaks to Aanchal very well which is a surprise to the latter.

Bhawana returns home, telling Bhanu she was there to meet with the lawyer. She then informs Bhanu that she made use of the money to pay attorney’s fees, which shocked Bhanu along with Malini. She remembers FB in which she paid the fees to lawyers and then sets out to be successful in the case. Bhawana promises Bhanu she will manage the engagement and the hearing in the courtroom. Bhanu is furious and reproaches Bhawana for not being concerned about Aanchal’s happiness. Aanchal interrupts and states that Bhawana had first asked her questions, and before she made this decision which is a shock to everyone.

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