Dissertation Research Ideas in 2023 for Business Management

Dissertation Research Ideas

Looking for the best dissertation research ideas for business management in 2023? It is not easy to select the best dissertation topic, especially when you are pursuing a business management degree. Business management is a very broad field in which you learn management and leadership skills to run a business. During your study, you learn different business management techniques, like planning, directing, controlling different problems, etc. After completing this degree, you can work in many organizations, such as marketing, finance, banking, or operation management.

Because of its wider applications, you must find the best dissertation research idea for your dissertation writing in 2023. Dissertating is one of the significant tasks of the degree. Due to this, most companies and organizations hire fresh graduates on the basis of their dissertation research ideas. To open the door to success for yourself, you should select the best research idea for your dissertation. For this sake, carefully and thoroughly read this article.

In this article, we will discuss the best dissertation research ideas for business management in 2023.

What are the Best Dissertation Research Ideas for Business Management in 2023?

We will discuss the most important research ideas for the dissertation category by category. Here is the list of the best dissertation research ideas in 2023 for business management:

Dissertation Research Ideas for Business Management in Technology and Innovation

Business management in technology and innovation helps to learn how different technologies will play a significant role in running a business in future. The listed dissertation research ideas are used to investigate the importance of technologies in business management. These research ideas largely focus on how technological advancements have disrupted the professional culture, creating an opportunity and difficulties for businesses to face.

  1. Investigate the impact of different technologies used in marketing on the success of a business.
  2. Examine and define the market difficulties mobile phone companies have faced in the UK.
  3. Investigate the impact of 5G technology on the digital consumer interface market overall in the world.
  4. Analyze the different ways used by online branding to provide the benefit of advanced technology.
  5. Investigate the impact of different technologies on the growth and performance of a particular organization.

Dissertation Research Ideas in International Human Resources Business Management

International human resources business management aims to help multiple organizations manage their human resources globally. These dissertation research ideas involve knowledge of national characteristics, including how they affect multinational professionals’ perspectives. These research ideas also help to understand how they relate to global labor laws. Using researching these dissertation ideas, you can easily understand how human resources management can support international organizations. You can also develop a practical experience of the most significant advancements in international human resources management. Let’s discuss the most important research ideas for a dissertation in International HR management. Here these are:

  1. Investigate the impact of fluctuational organizational factors in different international companies and organizations on employees’ responsibilities.
  2. Examine and analyze the ways to manage different cultures of different countries at an international conference.
  3. Investigate and present how different multinational companies and organizations work on a unique human resources policy to improve its effectiveness.
  4. Analyze the importance of international human resources management in enhancing the culture of different countries to improve the flexibility of working among international organizations.
  5. Analyze the importance and cause of international human resources management over the constant change in the worldwide business environment.

Dissertation Research Ideas in Leadership Business Management

Leadership is the main factor in successfully running a business. Great leadership can easily enhance a business’s growth, value, and performance. Even so, there can occasionally be a considerable mismatch between the intention of a leader to develop and their capacity to put such intentions into reality. Many businesses make the error of attempting to promote innovation by relying on insecure quality standards, institutional arrangements, and protocols. These dissertation research ideas will help to address all these problems in 2023.

  1. Analyze the importance of leadership management in the growth of marketing business.
  2. Investigate and present the impacts of different leadership styles on the performance of functionally heterogeneous teams.
  3. Examine how different business leaders work in international organizations to improve their businesses.
  4. What is the importance of transactional and transformational leadership in enhancing different personality correlations among organizations?
  5. Investigate the importance of leadership management skills in creating a balance in the standardization of different companies.

These are the few most important dissertation research ideas to write a dissertation for business management in 2023. To select the best research idea among these, you must consider the following points:

How to Select an Appropriate Idea for Your Dissertation Among these Dissertation Research Ideas?

The following strategies will help you to select the best research idea for your dissertation writing:

1.     Select from your area of interest

To write the best dissertation, you must select your research idea from your area of interest. Carefully review all the above-discussed dissertation research ideas and find which are in your area of interest. Selecting an interesting research idea for your dissertation is very important because you will find your interest during the writing and the research process. To understand your area of interest answers the following questions:

  • Which topics attract you the most?
  • What do you think about which topic you can efficiently research?
  • What is your interested field of study?
  • On which topics do you think you have a better understanding?

2.     Choose a research idea that has been previously researched

It would be best if you choose a research idea that has been previously researched. It is because dissertation writing requires a lot of time. At the last stage of your degree, you don’t have enough time to research to collect and analyze data through primary sources. To save time and take ease, you must select a previously researched dissertation topic to easily collect data from secondary sources.

3.     Take assistance from the dissertation help online

You can also take assistance from top-notch dissertation help online UK, such as The Academic Papers UK, to select the best research idea for your dissertation. They have assisted many students in finding their dissertation research ideas.


Selecting the best dissertation topic among multiple dissertation research ideas is quite difficult. You must ensure some following points to select the best topic to write your dissertation for business management in 2023.

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