Eight Phrases That Are Absolute Misfits In Business Writing

Business writing isn’t just about selling energy bars or whatever your product is. It is about convincing your target audience how your product can change their lives in a good way. Your business documents not only should evoke emotion but also boost your return on investment and market share. So, business writing isn’t something you take for granted if you want your business to make it big out there.

Whether you write emails or memos or communicate with a client, make sure you avoid these eight phrases that make business writing nothing but a blunder. You should know when to draw a line between you and your client. And avoiding these phrases will help you set the necessary boundary and evoke the right emotion among your readers.

  1. Yours very truly

You don’t belong to anybody in the business. When you say or write ‘Yours Truly’, it shows that you are theirs, which obviously isn’t what you mean. Ending a business letter without a valediction might seem impossible but trust me, you can do without the valediction. Some traditionalists use this phrase for communicating in person or writing, which make their approach seem totally outdated. You don’t want that. Do you? So, you can try using better alternatives such as “Best Regards.” Even “cheers” have become quite popular these days.

  1. As per your request

You can’t include anything that’s too fancy and formal at the same time in business writing. “As per your request” is one of those things. So, you got to avoid it at any cost. Had it been the 90’s, this phrase wouldn’t have topped the list. But, in 2022, it is definitely one of those phrases that you should put on the shelf. Earlier, people used this phrase to show that they have done something that another person asked them to do. Yes, it made sense, but still, it is formal and old-fashioned these days.

  1. Call me

If you have started working around in or after 2007, you are most likely to prefer chatting over calling when it comes to business communication. But chatting isn’t professional. It is better to call or ask the other person to call. Now the question is how. You shouldn’t write “Call Me” in the emails since it seems rude and unprofessional. Instead, you can write “Contact Me”. That way, you give the other person a chance to choose their preferred mode of communication to connect with you.

  1. Above referenced or Above-captioned

You must always assume your clients to be busy. So, keep your emails or any other forms of the document as concise as possible. Using phrases such as “above-referenced” or “above-captioned” require your reader to go back to the RE line and note the reference to continue reading. A lot of work, eh? There’s no need to make your clients go through so much trouble. Just write whatever you are referring to. For instance, if you want to refer to ‘bioinformatics assignment help’ in the email, write that instead of ‘above-referenced’.

  1. Broken record

It may sound cool when you are telling it to your friend. But, it is rude when you are writing a letter or memo to a client. It’s fine you want to convey that something or someone is repeating the same thing again and again. So, be straightforward and ask that person to skip it and bring something new to the table. “Sounds like a broken record” seems outdated, rude and unprofessional.

  1. Enclosed, please find

People use this phrase, but honestly, there’s usually nothing to find! There are two reasons why people use this phrase:

  • You don’t want to start the email with the same old pronoun, ‘I’.
  • You are fine with repeating phrases and NOT impressing your readers.

Just use “I have enclosed” or “Enclosed is…” instead.

  1. My bad

People like you and me who are from the 90s might not find this phrase that bad. But, it is outdated. Remember when your parents used to say ‘groovy’ and how it made you feel? It’s the same thing with ‘my bad’ among millennials. You can simply say ‘I am sorry’ instead of writing this phrase in the email. Your business writing should sound intelligent and sincere. And using phrases such as ‘my bad’ won’t let you achieve that.

  1. Nine to five job

“Nine to five job” is a common phrase among experienced employees. It is because this phrase meant something. Thanks to the pandemic, work hours are no longer restricted to nine to five. Employees these days have flexible working hours. The work-from-home regime lets a lot of employees work at their convenience. Also, using this phrase means you are labelling the employees who work from nine to five. So, you can use ‘salaried employees’ instead.

Wrapping Up,

People these days avoid talking on phones as much as possible. It’s the same in mathematics assignment help businesses. Written communication is usually preferred here. And the work-from-home regime made written communication a necessity. Avoiding these phrases in written communication can help you connect with your employees and employers better. You can get your message across successfully without consuming a lot of your reader’s time.

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