Electronic Data Capture Software: Ways You Can Choose the Best EDC Software?

electronic data capture software

Electronic Data Capture is frequently used in clinical investigations to handle keyed-in data. EDC is regarded by researchers as the foundation of their work. Selecting the proper electronic data capture software is critical if you plan to produce sophisticated and important pharmaceuticals. You only need to take a brief peek at this blog to learn more. You will quickly be able to find some helpful advice. So without further ado, let’s begin.

  • Know About Vendor Background

EDC solutions are available from a variety of suppliers. However, it is ultimately your obligation to select the best candidate from the group. You can effortlessly come to a flawless conclusion by taking into account the following factors:

  • Get to know the vendor’s history.
  • Find out if they have a lot of experience in the various therapeutic fields and study styles.
  • Find out how many clients they serve and ask for their clients’ and customers’ opinions.
  • Find information about their background developing software.
  • Learn about their abilities to pay their bills.
  • Inquire about the product support they offer.
  • Learn about their track record.

You will be able to make an informed conclusion without any space for error by acquiring these insights.

  • Cost Factors

The technical and functional aspects of an EDC system affect its price. Either you can pay thousands of dollars or you can acquire services from vendors for nothing. Other elements that frequently affect how much EDC costs include the following:

  • Quantity of licenses
  • Type of Accord
  • Various services that the vendors provide
  • Response time of the accessibility system

These studies can be priced on an annual, monthly, or per-study basis.

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  • Gain Knowledge About the Functionalities 

In your choosing process, the EDC system’s functionalities are quite important. Check out some of the advice provided below; it will help you quickly learn about a variety of factors.

  • Support for hybrid data entry models
  • Integration via eCOA or ePRO
  • Identification, addressing, and resolving data inconsistencies
  • Data integration in laboratories


  • Integration of the Clinical Data Management System (CDMA)
  • Integrations of the IVRS/IWRS (IRT System)
  • Exchange of information between electronic health records
  • Data management for safety
  • Integration of CTMS
  • Healthcare coding

Cross-check these aspects in your EDC system before making a wise purchase.. 

  • Timelines Should be followed

Timeliness has a profound impact on the EDC selection process. You need to know how long it will take to setup everything completely and validate the EDC system. The following are some additional timing considerations:

  • The total amount of time needed to create a study-specific application
  • Time spent training
  • The degree to which SOPs and organisational procedures have changed

Why are you holding out? Start the choosing process right away.

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  • Their Process of Compatibility 

It is crucial to check the numerous compatibility considerations. It may be easier to deal with some issues if your system design isn’t in line with the existing SOPs. There should be no room for problems because they could alter the overall organisational workflow or process.

Key Takeaway 

You can select the top Electronic data capture software among the available options by using the advice in this article. Just a little bit of patience will do, that’s all.

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