Gynecologist near Me – When You Should See One

Women are generally advised to consult with a gynecologist once a year beginning around the age of 15, to get a thorough annual checkup beginning around the age of 21, and to get tested for cervical cancer periodically after that. But what if worries you a little bit develop in the intervals between appointments? You might not need to treat your vaginal issues. You can also have a little infection that is easily managed. However, even a minor infection can worsen without a gynecologist’s care. Additionally, vaginal symptoms can occasionally be a sign of more severe conditions.

Here are some symptoms and situations which require a gynecologist’s involvement:

Painful Periods

For many women, monthly menstruation cycles are extremely uncomfortable. Those few days may seem to last forever due to headaches, sore breasts, and lower belly cramps. But what if a period continues to hurt for a longer period? That might indicate endometriosis or fibroids, which are uterine growths of cells and tissue that cause bleeding and swelling when extra tissue accumulates there. A gynecologist Queens can make a diagnosis and assist with a treatment plan for these ailments.

Vaginal Bleeding

Women commonly suffer spotting in the first few months after beginning some forms of birth control and more menstrual bleeding as menopause approaches. However, you should consult a gynecologist near me if you experience unexpected vaginal bleeding, such as after menopause. 

Blisters or Bumps

A gynecologist should be contacted if you notice or feel a lump in your vagina or a blister in or around your labia (the skin folds around the vagina). The bump could simply be an ingrown hair, but it could also be a genital wart, a little swelling brought on by an STD. A genital herpes lesion could be a little, painful blister that disappears after a few weeks and then reappears. Only a gynecologist Glendale, New York can tell if the issue is minor or require special medical treatment.

Vaginal Odor 

Have you noticed a particularly foul odor emanating from your vagina? Or has the normally unpleasant stench from that location transformed and become something that lingers for days instead? Even if the topic of the conversation makes you uncomfortable, you should tell your gynecologist near me about this problem. You can have a vaginal infection or bacterial growth that requires prescription medicine to treat.


Any woman can become incontinent (leak urine or feces accidentally), but it happens more frequently in women in their 50s and 60s and after menopause. Additionally, it may occur following delivery, particularly if the baby was large or the doctor needed to use forceps or a vacuum. A gynecologist may advise therapies including behavioral therapy, muscular relaxation, dietary changes, medication, or surgery, or she may direct you to an expert.

In conclusion, finding the right gynecologist near me is an essential step in maintaining your reproductive health. Take the time to research and compare gynecologists in Glendale, NY, and choose one who meets your specific needs, preferences, and expectations. By working with a qualified and trusted gynecologist, you can receive the care and support you need to maintain your reproductive health and well-being.


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