How To Start A Mobile App Development Business With Little Investment

Most people who are thinking of starting their iOS App Development Services think that they will soon have half of what they use to perform regular activities. Some people are lucky, but not everyone is so lucky. Before entering the world of entrepreneurship, a solid business plan and a good understanding of how mobile app development industry works are essential.

Below are some tips to help you set up your mobile app development business.

Registering as a developer: Let’s start with the basics, namely access to the Android and iOS app stores. Since Google and Apple are the biggest in the market, it is very important to register first in these two stores. Once you complete your application, you have to submit it to these two app stores and each company will review the app before publishing it on their stores. The evaluation process includes checking the app’s quality, interface, etc., to ensure that there is no malware or spam in the app.

Once an app store accepts your app, 

To access the game, you need to sign up for Apple’s iOS developer program, which costs $99 per year.

Wearing more hats: Being self-employed means more convenience over time, but it also comes with various responsibilities that need to be carried out effectively. For example, if you’re starting your own business, you’ll have to deal with app testing, design, customer interaction, marketing, and legal issues like app ownership and contracts.

If you have the right budget, you can hire an iOS app developer to design, develop and test the app on your behalf and handle the marketing and legal tasks efficiently. In addition, a partnership can start a business and use accumulated capital resources and human resources.

Build your app:

 With a small budget and good knowledge of programming or coding, you can write your own app. Below are four tools to help you build a feature app. 

Bit Complex for Beginners This tool includes excellent integration of data services with applications. comes with a free plan that allows for a maximum of three sites and one user. And first of all, three pages are enough to get you started.

Beautiful Hair – 

This tool comes with a free 30-day trial package, after which you can opt for their premium plan starting at $16 per month. The design elements that set this device apart from others are Google Fonts integration and multiple icons to choose from. Besides, there are many online tutorials and webinars related to this tool.

Api Pie: 

Enjoy these tools for free if you allow ads to run in your app or upgrade to an ad-free plan starting at $7 per month. Api Pi comes with pre-set app categories like restaurant, banking, radio, photo sharing and can add functionality like GPS location, push notifications and more. More


If you are looking to create mobile games then this tool is perfect for you. Most Android application development service providers have this tool. The free version of the tool includes ads, and there’s a $299 version that removes ads entirely and allows in-app purchases. If you want to earn money through in-app purchases, you can add this feature to your game with the help of this tool.

Test, test, test again: 

It’s a good idea to thoroughly test your app before submitting it to the App Store. It cannot be done by itself; You can ask your friends to run the beta version of the app and provide important information about any issues, logs or errors you encounter while using the app.

Additionally, you can launch an earlier version of your app with certain features. With this, you get a real-time view of your app’s performance and user-interface. You can also hire an Android app developer to test the app on your behalf.

Submitting your app to the App Store: 

Once you’ve tested and tested your app, it’s time to submit your app to the App Store. After you submit your app, developers will review it in the App Store. It takes an average of 13 days to review an application. App Store Callie

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