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Jayda Wayda (born November 5, 1986) is an Indian-American model and actress who mainly works as a content writer for magazines and websites. She is also a television writer and producer. Jayda Wayda is the first child of Waydaasi Sharma, a fashion designer, and her husband Jaibal Dwaja, an actor. Her parents are married for more than 50 years and have three children: daughter Jayda Wayda; son Sebastian Wayda; and twin brother Parth Mathur. Jayda Wayda has two sisters: Vikranta Sharma and Preeti Sharma. While her father is a fashion designer, her mother runs a small NGO called Maternity Village where she provides maternity care to women who give birth while they are still in pajamas. In 2012, she started working as an intern at Harper’s Bazaar magazine. It was after meeting Nowruz magazine that she got involved with fiction writing projects which resulted in two best-selling novels – Crime For The Mind And The Body – Acolytes Of No More Than That (2014) and The Last Husband – A True Story (2016). In the same year, her novel Punjabi Vada – An Evening on the Road With A New Arriettenment was published by Bookmark India under the title A Day On The Road With An Arriettenment (A Day On The Road With An Arriettenment).

Jayda Wayda Is A Lead Model, And She’s On The Rise

To begin with, it’s worth noting that the only real “lead model” in the business of fashion blogs is herself – as Jayda Wayda is only 26 years old and is also the only surviving child of Wayda Sharma. Prior to being cast as the lead model of a fashion blog, she was a jewelry designer who also founded a non-profit organization called The Maternity Village. The Maternity Village provides free, Certified Maternity negligees to pregnant women who are in need of them after giving birth. The organization’s main aim is to ensure that the parents are financially compensated for their child’s care.

How She Got Her Net Worth

In her early 50s, Wayda started working as an editor for the fashion blog “The Other Indian”. Her job there was to create accounts for various designers, and later, to write content for the website itself. The blog was mainly about fashion, and it was there that Wayda met her future husband, Jaibal Dwaja, a well-known actor who is best known for playing the role of Inspector Michael Shanks in Hindi romantic drama film releases such as “Aamir.” After marriage, the duo became the parents of three children: Sebastian Wayda, Jayda Wayda, and Parth Mathur.

A Wiki, A Baby, And An Education

In addition to being the only surviving child of Wayda Sharma, Jaydarra Wayda is also a (fictional) author of two books: Crime For The Mind And The Body – Acolytes Of No More Than That and The Last Husband – A True Story. Her books are collected under the title A Day On The Road With An Arriettenment. In her capacity as a writer, Jaydarra Wayda has also contributed to various news and entertainment articles and reviews, as well as to various books and articles on parenting.

Boyfriend – Sebastian Wayda

Despite the fact that she is only 26 years old, Jaydarra Wayda is still in her 40s according to some studies. That’s probably why she is one of the most popular models in the country. In comparison to other Indian modelers, like Naina Gokhale or Aishwarya Theen, who are both only in their 30s, many Indian Models (along with many celebrities) are still in their 20s or younger. That’s according to modeling website “Red Magazine”, which lists model Sebastian Wayda as the second most popular model in India.

Age-Gram and Relationships

In addition to being a model, and the only surviving child of Wayda Sharma, Jaydarra Wayda is also a published author. Her book A Day On The Road With An Arriettenment is a coming-of-age novel set during the 2000s. The novel follows a single mother who gives birth to a three-month-old son while on the lam from her husband. Her pregnancy and subsequent birthing experience is depicted in great detail, and the author also takes the time to write some vignettes during the course of the novel to show the changes that occur during pregnancy. The novel was initially published as a stand-alone novel in New York in 2004, and it subsequently translated into more than 40 languages.

Bio and More: Jayda Wayda’s wiki page

As you can see from the informaiton listed above, Jayda Wayda has two older brothers, two younger brothers and two sisters. Her parentage is indeed complicated: it is based on the fact that her parents are bothomers, that is, they are of between Indian and Indian-American ancestry. Her parentage is also complicated when she wants to be identified as either Indian or Indian-American. All in all, though, Jayda Wayda’s page on the net page-building website Indiegogo shows that she is a successful author with a net worth of $50 million.

Net Worth And Timeline Of Her Development Industry Relationships

Let’s start with the net worth of Jaydarra Wayda. According to a report in The Hindu, the model’s net worth was brought to $50 million in 2017 when she published her book “A Day On The Road With An Arriettenment”. The report also mentioned that her net worth increased by $10 million in 2018 when she appeared on The Today Show with Ranbir Kohli to promote her new book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”.

2nd Child – Jayda Wayda’s Neeeeeeeetails

Like her father and mother, Jaydarra Wayda’s second child is also named Sebastian. The third child is her twin brother Parth. Jaydarra Wayda had two other children from a previous relationship, namely Vikram and Parth Mathur. Although Vikram was a co-founder of a software company, Parth grew up as the other half of the family.

3rd Child – Parth Mathur (Who Is Sebastian’s twin sister)

Like his other two siblings, Parth is also named Sebastian. He is also a model and the younger of the two. Like his older brothers, he too is a business owner and the first son of Jaydarra Wayda.


In addition to being one of the most successful Indian modelers of all time, Jayda Wayda is also known for her personality and sense of humor. Although she is only 26 years old, she has already achieved a lot during her lifetime. In total, she has raised more than $50 million through her publishing, speaking, and acting career. With a net worth of $50 million, she is certainly one of the most successful Indian modelers of all time. Top of page

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