New or Used Golf Balls – Which Should You Carry?

Golf is a sport that calls for accuracy, endurance, and skill. The appropriate golf ball selection is another crucial element of the game. It could get overwhelming when trying to decide between new and used golf balls because there are so many options available. Some argue that new balls offer better performance and consistency, while others swear by the cost-effectiveness and durability of used balls. So, which is the better choice? For you to make an informed decision, we will compare and contrast between new and used golf balls. This article is beneficial to any player irrespective of your skill level as it has detailed knowledge about the types of balls and this will help you make an informed decision. Let’s get to it then.

The debate between new and used golf balls has been ongoing for years. In the end, a golfer’s preference, financial status, and playing style will all influence the balls they select. New golf balls are often perceived as better quality and have a higher price point. However, used golf balls are less expensive, but some players feel they might not function as well as brand-new ones.

Understanding used golf balls and refinished golf balls

Used golf balls are balls that have been previously played with and are sold at a lower price than new ones. They are often found in water hazards, rough, or out of bounds areas. Companies collect these balls, clean and sort them, and then sell them back to the public. Refinished golf balls are used balls that have been restored to look like new ones. The process involves stripping the outer layer of the ball, repainting it, and then adding a clear coat.

Benefits and drawbacks of using used golf balls

One of the most significant benefits of using used golf balls is the cost savings. You can often purchase a bag of used balls for the same price as one new ball. Additionally, using used balls can be beneficial for those who tend to lose balls frequently. It can be frustrating to lose an expensive new ball after just one or two shots. With used balls, the financial impact of losing one is not as significant.

However, used golf balls may not perform as well as new ones. The balls may have scuffs, nicks, or other imperfections that can affect their flight path and distance. Additionally, used balls may have lost their compression over time, which can also impact performance.

Benefits and drawbacks of using new golf balls, specifically Titleist Velocity golf balls

New golf balls, such as the Titleist Velocity golf balls, offer a high level of quality and performance. These balls are engineered for distance and offer a soft feel around the green. Additionally, new golf balls are consistent in their performance, as they have not been previously used and do not have any imperfections.

However, new golf balls come at a higher price point than used balls. It can be difficult to defend investing a lot of money in a ball that might be lost after just one shot. Additionally, new golf balls can be intimidating for beginner golfers who may not yet have developed their skills.

Bulk range balls: an alternative to both new and used golf balls

Bulk range balls are an alternative to both new and used golf balls. These balls are used at driving ranges and are often sold in bulk at a low price point. They are not designed for performance but rather for practice. Bulk range balls are a cost-effective option for those who are looking to practice without worrying about losing expensive balls.

However, bulk range balls may not be suitable for those who want to simulate real-game situations. The balls may not perform equally as brand-new or used golf balls, and the lack of consistency might not accurately reflect a golfer’s skills.

Factors to consider when choosing between new and used golf balls

When deciding between new and old golf ball, you must take into account some of these factors. Firstly, consider your budget. Utilizing used golf balls may be a better choice if your budget is tight. If you have the extra cash, purchasing new golf balls can be the best choice.

Secondly, consider your skill level and playing style. For beginners who are still learning the game, it can be a good idea to buy used golf balls. The performance and consistency of new golf balls may be favorable to you if you are an experienced golfer.

Finally, consider the course you will be playing on. If the course has a lot of water hazards or rough areas, used golf balls may be a good choice as you may lose balls frequently. If the course is more forgiving, new golf balls may be the better option.

Cost comparison between new and used golf balls

The cost of new golf balls varies depending on the brand and model. Titleist Velocity golf balls, for example, typically cost around $25 per dozen. Conversely, you can purchase used golf balls for as little as $5 per dozen.  Refinished golf balls are a middle ground, often costing around $15 per dozen. While used golf balls are more cost-effective, it is important to consider the potential drawbacks, such as decreased performance and imperfections.

Environmental impact of using new vs. used golf balls

The environmental impact of golf balls is often overlooked. Golf balls can wind up in waterways, forests, or other natural areas when they are dropped or misplaced. New golf balls can take up to 100 years to decay whereas used golf balls might take up to 1,000 years.

While used golf balls may seem like the more environmentally friendly option, they can still have a negative impact. Highly toxic substances like lead and arsenic that are present in used balls over time may seep into the environment.

Conclusion: the best choice for your game

In conclusion, there is no right or wrong decision when deciding between new and used golf balls. Everything ultimately comes down to your personal preferences, financial circumstances, and playing style. Used golf balls offer cost savings but may not perform as well. New golf balls offer consistency and quality but come at a higher price point. Refinished golf balls offer a middle ground but may not perform the same as new ones. Bulk range balls are an alternative for practice but may not simulate real-game situations.

Consider the factors discussed in this article when making your decision. Remember to also consider the environmental impact of golf balls and dispose of them properly.  In the end, the greatest decision for your game is the one that enables you to play with assurance and pleasure.

CTA: Whether you choose new or used golf balls, make sure to practice proper golf etiquette by disposing of them properly and respecting the course. Happy golfing!


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