Places to Go and See in Liverpool

Liverpool is a city and a seaport in the northwestern part of England. It is located a few miles away from the Irish Sea. It is one of the most often visited cities in the UK and one of the most populous ones. The city is very much admired for its architecture, culture and transport links. It is a place to visit for all the art fans, since Liverpool is known for its art galleries and national museums. Liverpool is also full of great parks. This article is an inspiration for travelers who are planning to go to Liverpool. 


#1 Beatles museum in Liverpool

Previously known as Magical Beatles Museum, it was later renamed as Liverpool Beatles Museum. Who doesn’t know this band? It is simply legendary, that is why this travel location in Liverpool is super popular among travelers and all the music fans. This museum is a home to 300 original items, with extra 1,200 in storage. The museum is a 5-floor building, and three of those floors represent different periods of Beatles history. For more detailed information, you can check the museum’s website

#2 Lake district adventure

Getting to the Lake District in Liverpool is most convenient  when you know about Enterprise car hire Liverpool. With a rented car, you will have no difficulty getting where you need to go. It is more comfortable and faster. You do not have to care about any schedules. You can book a day trip to see some of Liverpool’s highlights. It is a great chance to explore Ambleside, do some hiking around Blea Tarn, and enjoy the marvelous Castlerigg Stone Circle. You can definitely put this location on your ‘must-see’ list. 


#3 Liverpool Cathedral

The Cathedral was fully built only in 1978. A young designer worked on the building, he was only 22 years old at that time. This is a popular location among tourists. Moreover, this cathedral is great for hosting big concert events, fine dining and various kinds of exhibitions. Cathedral’s tower is 110 meters high and it is one of the best locations to see the city. If you have a chance to see the city from such a height, it is always worth doing this for a breathtaking view.  

#4 Anfield Stadium

Among the male part of the population, the main association with Liverpool is probably football. Many football fans have this city on their wishlist of places to visit. Before planning this trip, we advise you to check out Liverpool car hire options. Getting to the Anfield Stadium with a car is easy. Liverpool FC allows visitors to see their Anfield Stadium when there are no games taking place. Enthusiastic guides will tell you all about this great place, you will even be able to have behind-the-scenes access to this legendary place. 

#5 Merseyside Maritime Museum

This is an interesting location for adults and kids too. It is an interesting opportunity to learn about the great Liverpool port, get to know more information on ships, what they carried and where they swam. There are four floors with galleries. The museum also has a shop, a cafe and a lecture theater. Car hire options make it easier to get to all the desired locations in Liverpool. 

#6 Liverpool central library

Liverpool has the main public library in a very special and unique building that dates back to 1860. It is always accessible for visitors for free. Inside one can find a Tourist Information Centre, free Wi-Fi and computers, cafe, study locations, and a beautiful roof terrace. There are plenty of interesting books for all those bookworms. There is also a kid’s library. If you do not know how to get to the library, it can be done with cheap cars for hire. 

#7 Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King Liverpool

The exterior of this cathedral is very special, and can be described as 1960s “futurism”, it is known among the locals as “Paddy’s Wigwam.” The windows are made of beautiful stained glass, and seeing the natural light through those windows is an amazing view. There is always something magical about ancient cathedrals. This atmosphere of holiness and quietness.  


To sum up, In this article, 7 interesting locations of Liverpool are gathered. Of course, there are plenty of other wonderful locations to see and definitely much more than 7! We encourage you to do some research about Liverpool on your own. Also, there are so many great places to explore. The world is an open book and we encourage you to start reading it now! 


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