Shisha Flavors

With the chill in the air, it’s the perfect time to plan get-togethers with family and friends as we usher in an all new year! And what better way to do so than the traditional Arabic social custom of bonding over shisha?

Many people prefer smoking shisha to cigarettes mainly because of the convenience hookah offers, lesser fumes and chances of secondhand smoking, and the best part – the wide range of exciting and exotic flavors!

It’s not even too much of a hassle to get shisha on rent for a house party, with the many shisha home delivery services and shisha rental Dubai offers.

There are, however, a few things worth considering before opting for a shisha home delivery.


Traditional hookah pipes are usually made of brass, copper, stainless steel, or a combination of all three. They are also generally cheaper than modern pipes made from stainless steel or aluminum. The most expensive hookahs are the ornate ones made with wooden/carbon/gold décor and heavy accessories. 

What is considered the best material, though, is stainless steel. It lasts long, is easy to clean, has less residue buildup, and has a lesser chance of corrosion. 


Ensure that you have all the necessary pieces for your hookah pipe. Even if hookahs may be made with the same material, there can be a difference in what the standard package offers. Make sure your shisha on rent includes a shaft, glass base, hose, mouthpiece, and bowl. 

  • BRAND:

While well-known brands with massive distribution are easier to find, they may also be more expensive. Good brands, however, offer a wide variety of exotic flavors and mixes while ensuring they’re high in quality and packaged to stay fresh, last longer, and taste amazing. Our recommendation is Al Fakher – a UAE-based brand established in 1999. They’re quality-driven manufacturers with a shared passion for shisha.


The shisha home delivery Dubai offers is among the best services available globally! You have the luxury to choose the flavors you want and get premium shisha on rent in the most hassle-free manner, delivered right to your doorstep.

By the way, if you aren’t already familiar with shisha catering, it’s time you checked it out. Specialized shisha catering services bring together shisha masters, customized menus, sommeliers, and more to amplify the ambiance of your event.

Shisha Art, for instance, gives you an unparalleled shisha-on-rent as well as shisha catering experience. With their extensive flavor collection, accessories, and staff, they provide luxurious and convenient shisha home delivery and catering. What’s more, their dynamic operational hours enable them to meet your shisha needs anywhere and anytime, and they deliver across the UAE!

Now that you have a basic idea of the things to consider before going for a shisha home delivery, without further ado let’s dive into the must-try flavors! 

In addition to a wide selection of single flavors, you can also try out exclusive mixes, cocktail mixes, and customized mixes that bring together your favorite flavors.

01 | MINT

The eternal refresher regardless of season and situation, mint is the perfect choice if fruity flavors are not your ‘bowl of shisha’. While it also goes amazingly well with other flavors and is generally used as an addition to fruity mixes, it has a robust and refreshing essence on its own – encompassing the finest of cooling agents. 

Do be careful with the amount you add in, though. More than 20% can get too excessive and lead to the ‘overcooling’ of the bowl. In moderation, mint shisha will give you an herbal taste with chilling freshness on a hot day. 


Double the crisp flavor of hand-picked apples with an energizing aroma, and you’ll know what the Two Apples shisha tastes like. Newbies and seasoned smokers love it, and it also gives dense smoke. In addition, it tastes just as delicious with a mix of mint!

Al Fakher’s signature Two Apples flavor brings the delicate sweetness of apples with tart anise undertones to enhance it further.


Smooth and sweet on the palate with a delicate aroma, you can have grape mint as a single flavor or with a cocktail. It’s also the perfect choice for someone who does not prefer a heavy tobacco flavor.

Grapio Green from Al Fakher brings a fine balance of grapes with cool menthol. It’s also among the best-selling and high-in-demand shisha flavors.

04 | PEACH

Known for its mellow, sweet, and juicy taste with a hint of acidic notes, peach-infused shisha gives you a unique experience. So, when you take a drag, close your eyes, and feel yourself being transported to peach orchards in the highlands!


Here’s a blast from the past! Relive your childhood memories with the familiar and nostalgic taste of gum, with a touch of icy cool mint. Youthful and sweet, it’s another excellent option for beginners to try! Al Fakher has a delicious blend that combines gum with spearmint leaves for an added punch.

That brings us to the end of a sweet, fruity, and refreshing list of must-try shisha flavors in 2023 and over the years for both beginners and regular smokers. Try them out as single flavors or exotic mixes, and have a blast!

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