Pro Tip: Good Content Producers use Professional Studios

Content is all around us. You don’t have to look any further than your smartphone, laptop, or streaming services. The explosion of the web as our main means of communication has created an environment that is rich with all kinds of visual content. Content can be just about anything, but visual content includes things like a photo slideshow or a streaming video. Most anything that gets high engagement on the internet needs to have a quality visual element.

The main thing to remember is that it should be quality. People can tell good content from bad content. Many content producers have developed a great skill set for producing visual content. Many others haven’t. One of the ways good content producers ensure a quality video or photo slideshow is to make it in a fully equipped multimedia studio. The quality of a sound and lighting studio setup are just two of the elements that can separate great content from the rest. Working with a professional studio is the best way to control these elements.

If your company is selling a product or service, or if you are an entrepreneur who is selling yourself, your brand needs to be represented in the best possible way. People who might want to patronize your business might think twice if the sound isn’t good or if there isn’t enough light for photography. Studio environments are the best way to ensure all your visual content will pass.

Here are three reasons you and your company should invest in studio time:

  • Controlled Environment: DIY content wizards can make great visual content with little more than a ring light and a high-resolution phone camera. However, that skill set is rarer than most people think. Even if you are a wizard, you should still consider shooting content in a professional environment. This is doubly important if you are selling a product. The video must look and sound its best. A professional studio is the only way to ensure the perfect light for photography. Studio level production is the ultimate way to create a controlled environment for your visual content.
  • High-End Equipment: Surveys conducted recently show that 90 percent of people who buy items online say photo quality is important to their purchase. Someone looking for something online may see two ads for identical products. The first one has grainy, poorly lit photos of the product while the second ad has high-quality photos taken with a quality camera and a professional lighting studio setup. Which one do you think they are more likely to buy? Statistics say that nine out of ten of consumers will buy the one with the better photographs.
  • Professional Guidance: When you rent studio time with professionals, you are not just getting the studio, you’re getting the professional. Many of them have great ideas and insight to make your videos or photos their best. Also, they will have the proper training on all the best equipment.

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