Ralph Lauren Polo Big Pony # 2 Fragrance for Women

Ralph Lauren Polo Big Pony # 2 Fragrance for Women

Polo Big Pony 2 was Launched in 2012 for Women. For Women who are impulsive and seductive, Ralph Lauren Polo Big Pony 2 for Women is a passionate scent that comes in a little purple flacon with a blue number 2. This edition’s combination of cranberry and tonka is included in its floral-fruity-oriental composition.

The scents of Ralph Lauren have never really worked for me. Although I prefer Polo and formerly wore Monogram, which has since been discontinued, no other Ralph Lauren fragrance has particularly captured my attention. The new Big Pony Fragrance Collection, targeted at men between the ages of 18 and 30, isn’t ground-breaking, but all four scents are expertly crafted and perfectly formulated for their target market: young men who, based on what I observe and hear in the stores and smell on the streets, prefer familiar-smelling, not-too-complex, clean/fresh fragrances rather than “weird” perfumes.

Different types of Polo Big Pony Collection

Big Pony No. 1

One of my favorite Big Pony products is (the “sporty” offering of the collection, in the blue bottle); although it just includes notes of lime and grapefruit, when I first open it, I notice a strong lemon peel-bergamot aroma. After the lemon bergamot fades, I detect a fragrant lime-grapefruit harmony that makes me think of a cocktail created with one part Fresca and one part spicy ginger ale (lime wedge squeezed on top). 

Polo Big Pony 2

Dark chocolate, musk, and a touch of vetiver are the main ingredients of Polo Big Pony 2 (Red bottle, characterized as “seductive/sexy”). Warm citrus in the opening, together with chocolate (consider “candy bar” rather than unsweetened cocoa), leads to a delightful, creamy musk and sugary talc accord in the base. Big Pony No. 2’s chocolate note is “prom night” unique and isn’t overpowering in the heat. Big Pony No. 2, with its “edible” and “foody” notes blended with mild, non-confrontational musk, appears like a young man’s concept of a “sexy” and dressy scent. If you want to Buy Online Polo Big Pony by Ralph Lauren on the giftexpress site they provided high-quality perfume at cheap prices.

Polo Big Pony 3

Big Pony No. 3 has “adventurous” mint and ginger root in a brilliant green bottle. The majority of this fragrance’s notes are aromatic ginger and citrus bergamot, but there is also a tinge of sweatiness in the early notes that I identify with dried mint leaves. (Big Pony No. 3 doesn’t have a minty, overpowering, “mouthwash” scent.) My favorite scent in the collection, along with Big Pony No. 1, is Big Pony No. 3, which has a dry-down of sweet, lemony woods. The “stylish” Big Pony No. 4 is the last (orange bottle, containing mandarin and kyara wood) and begins with imitation mandarin and generic spices. Big Pony No. 4 has the most peculiar mid-development aroma—a “chilled luncheon meat” and floral accord—that I’ve recently smelled. The collision between citrus, “kyara wood,” and musk must be the cause of this “baloney-peony” accord’s quick fading. 


So why wear perfume and why is it’s important?

Smells have a greater powerful influence than words, looks, feelings, or will, according to this fragrance.  There isn’t a fix for it. Although it was a movie, the slang had some truth to it. Your choice of scent should mostly depend on how you choose to dress. Even before your looks, a person may learn about you via your aroma. Someone is absorbing information about you and your mannerisms through their faculties.  Therefore, we must utilize this reality.

The benefits of wearing perfume

One of the clearest advantages of using fragrance is that it eliminates personal odors and keeps us smelling fresh throughout the day. It also helps to strengthen our confidence. Unbelievably, the knowledge that we smell good may make us feel better. Giftexpress sells Ralph Lauren Polo Big Pony #2  for Women perfume and provides quick shipping, top-notch customer service, and a wide selection of exquisite scents for both men and women. And also provided other variants of the best perfume for females online at affordable prices.

The perfume might also affect your mood and create the impression that you are not holding anything back. Everyone around you may infer your perspective and think from your choice of fragrance.  The perfume must be just right so that it complements the occasion.

One of the five senses that humans have, our sense of smell is essential. Your fragrance creates the first impression you leave in space and the lingering impression it leaves behind.

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