6 Ways to Keep Tyres From Dry Rotting

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You have to keep tyres from dry rotting, or they will become very stiff and brittle. Excessive brittleness can cause cracks to appear on the sidewall. Hence, the sidewall will start to crack. Oils and lubricants keep the moisture in the tyres. They get activated when the tyres are in motion. Therefore, stationery tyres tend to crack and dry rot.

To battle the rotting, one can use car modification accessories. The polymer and agents in the accessories provide shine and a hydrophobic layer. You can increase the life of your car’s tyres with the help of such accessories. https://ultreosforex.com

Having a car air inflator with you in storage is pretty useful. You can also keep it in the trunk of the car. The primary use of it arrives during emergencies. However, you can also use it to check the tyre’s pressure. This assures you of the optimal performance of your car.

6 Ways to Keep Tyres from Dry Rotting

Keep your tyres fresh by keeping them in the right conditions. Add years to their lifetime by following the following storage tips. Here is how you can keep tyres from dry rotting:

Keep Your Tyres Clean

Tyres are an expensive investment. Therefore, storage and good upkeep are a must. Before storage, one should clean the tyres thoroughly. Remove the traces of dirt, brake dust, asphalt and other contaminants before storing. 

Using products specifically meant to keep tyres from dry rotting is better. Check the label before you use them on the tyres. Avoid petroleum-based products on tyres that are out of service. It can corrode your tyres.

To clean the tyres, you should do the following:

  • Mix soap in lukewarm water in a bucket
  • Use a tyre brush to scrub off the grime
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners 
  • Dry the tyres entirely before storing
  • Do not dry in direct sunlight

Direct Sunlight Damages Tyres

Please keep away from direct sunlight, as it accelerates the rate at which the tyres dry rot. Therefore, park the car out of the sunlight. UV rays are powerful enough to penetrate glass windows. Make sure to park the car where the sunlight does not hit it directly.

Another way to Keep Tyres From Dry Rotting is if you invest in an opaque car cover. Regular car covers are short in length and stop right above the tyres. Get oversized ones that will also cover the tyres of your car.

Direct sunlight heats the tyres causing them to deteriorate prematurely. Upon penetrating the rubber, UV rays can dry it out and break down the rubber walls. Here is what you can do to prevent sunlight damage:

  • Use a tarp cover to protect the tyres from the sun. Use a fabric that does not let the light pass out.
  • Store the tyres indoors
  • Use tyre bags to store the tyres
  • Use the tyre cover if you plan to keep the tyres on the car

Do Not Overuse the Cleaners

The cleaners deep clean and make your tyres look good. But overusing them can dry the tyres out. Go slow on the excessive cleaning if you want to keep tyres from dry rotting. Too much cleaner liquid speed up the rotting and shortens the lifespan of the tyres.

Avoid using petroleum-based cleaning products for the tyres. They dry out the oxidation from the tyres. Similarly, please stay away from weathering agents inside the rubber compounds, as they can cause the tyres to crack. Use non-petroleum products like soap and water to clean.

Store the Tyre in Airtight Plastic Bag

Another factor that deteriorates tyres is oxygen. Unlike most other things, tyres stay in better condition in a vacuum. A sealed and airtight space slows down the oxidation of the tyres by not letting in oxygen. This allows the oil to stay intact in the tyres as it does not evaporate.

To keep tyres from dry rotting, store them in speciality bags or vacuum-sealable plastic. You can also use thick tarps to warp around the tyre tightly. 

Store Tyres Horizontally or Vertically

It would help if you stored the tyres correctly. Do not stack them, as it can deform them. If the tyres are on rims, you can hang them on tyre hooks or stack them vertically.

Store the unmounted tyres in an upright position. Please do not keep them on hooks, as it will cause the tyres to sag. 

Constant Temperature in Storage 

Avoiding excessive heat or cold can contribute to keep tyres from dry rotting. Keep the temperature above 32 degrees Celsius or below 4 degrees Celsius. Storing the tyres inside mitigates the dry rotting process.

It is better to have temperature controlled facility in areas where the climate is too hot or too cold. However, indoor storage is the best way to prevent dry rotting. Save your tyres from dry rotting with the preventive measure stated above. If these steps do not work anymore, consider replacing your tyre with a new one. 

The best preventive method is to store your tyres in a safe and controlled environment. Keep tyres from dry rotting with the best protective and preventative products from Carorbis. Keep the tyres in pristine condition and save the hassle of frequent tyre changes.

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