What are the best bongs under 100$?

What are the best bongs under 100$?

With rising inflation, it is becoming difficult to manage expenditures. And when it comes to spending on small things you might not want to be happy to spend hundreds of dollars. One such thing is a bong or water pipe, which you might have to replace often. So, you must be looking for affordable water pipe varieties that would match your pocket.

However, some people have a misconception that less expensive items lack quality. In actuality, this is not true. You can easily find the best bongs under $100 in the market that features high-end features without being a burden on your pocket. Many pipes come with perks that will certainly enhance your dabbing experience and also last a lifetime.

Which are The Best Bongs Under $100?

If you are looking for bongs, then below is a Dab Tools: The Ultimate Guide that enlists the most affordable varieties:

Spinning Ball Showerhead Perc Bong

You would love this bong as it is just 7 inches tall, and the spinning ball showerhead makes it ideal for filtration. Hence, you will be able to enjoy cool and flawless hits. So, if you are fond of pure, smooth and artistic bongs, then it’s the best option for you. You can get it for just $90! https://ultreosforex.com

16″ Puddle Base Coloured Glass Water Pipe

Another great option for coloured bong pipes is the 16″ Straight Tube Vase. You will have to hand-blow these pipes as they feature a straight tube design and a vase-shaped and glass-on-glass joint. It is manufactured from thick glass, so you will find it quite heavy and strong. The down stem helps diffuse your smoke for a flawless, frosty and delectable hit. And it is just $80!

Single Honeycomb Straight Tube Bong

If you are a casual smoker, then you should opt for the Single Honeycomb Straight Tube Bong. You will love the honeycomb percolator that will give you cool and flawless hits. Else, the bong features a thick scientific glass that is sure to last forever. Another great thing about this bong is that it is meticulously manufactured to endure light falls and short drops. Moreover, you can easily keep it on a table, desk or other flat surfaces. And you can find it just for $60!

Mini Bent Neck Honeycomb Perc Dab Rig

If you are a habitual smoker, you must opt for a wax pen that functions flawlessly. The Mini Bent Neck Honeycomb Perc Dab Rig is a perfect piece that is extremely convenient to clean. It is a great investment for you. Manufactured from thick borosilicate glass and an extra thick circular base, it will promise extra durability. The joints are highly strong and are reinforced for added strength. The extended main chamber has a honeycomb percolator that supports ideal diffusion without dragging your dabbing sessions.

The slender twisted neck will help shrink the smoke for an enhanced flavour, and also not allow water to reach your mouth. You can use it with different herbs and concentrates, and best for you if you love trendy designs and want to flaunt your style to your friends. It is also ideal if you are a novice smoker. It costs only $70!

Silicone Oil Barrel Water Pipe

If you wish your smoking experience to be convenient, a silicone oil water pipe is highly recommended. They are popular for their unbreakable characteristic and ease of use. You would love the unique design with a curved neck and enjoy a comfortable smoke time.

The diffused down-stem percolator supports filtration and diffusion. Moreover, the added options include the 14mm female joint and 14mm male flower bowl. The 8.5 inches pipe features medical-grade silicone material. It will ensure that it is clean and indissoluble. And it is only $40.

Twisted Sisters – 6-inch Multi-Tier Mini Bong

If you want to smoke with a style, the 6-inches multi-tier bong includes a spectacular coloured design and distinctive shape that will offer you an incredible smoking experience. You would love the multi-tier design as it will allow you to trap smoke in the central chamber before it travels via the neck for enhanced smoke cooling. Moreover, even in tiny pieces, the smoke cooling and diffusion are awesome due to their distinct design. You need only $60 for it.

Bellow Base Dual Arm Recycler

If you like smoking with different herbs and essence, you can opt for the bellow base dual arm recycler. You will find a jet percolator at the bottom of this recycler featuring tiny slits that support the ideal amount of diffusion and filtration. Another benefit of the percolator is that it allows greater diffusion and traps bubbles before recycling through the remaining rig.

When the smoke is filtered via the jet perc, the vapour diffuses via the recycler arms and top chamber. It will be recycled continually allowing you to enjoy an appetizing and flawless smoking experience. The twisted neck ascertains that no water will reach your mouth. You can add 14mm to make dab nails along with a 14mm female joint and 14mm flower bowl. And it was just $100!

Rock Glass – Super Thick Coloured Beaker Bong

If you are looking for an elegant and chic bong, then go for a rock glass – super thick coloured beaker bong. This classy beaker-shaped bong comes with bright and eye-catching coloured glass. It is highly stable due to the large flat round surface, which will let you add huge amounts of water to facilitate filtration. You can benefit from the special ice catcher, add ice cubes to fill in the whole bong neck, and enjoy extra smoke cooling. Moreover, the bong is convenient and easy to clean. You can remove the down stem, and thoroughly clean the bong pieces. The piece is just $80.

Twisted Sisters – 16-inch Skull Head Bong

The twister sisters – 16 inches skull head bong is another classy bong option that is designed to give you an enhanced smoking experience. Hence, you can relish every moment while smoking. The bright glass will add a spectacular look to your working table. You would love the compact size and diffused down-stem that will give a style with a highly delectable taste. You can get this for just $85!

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