What Types of Necklaces Are in Trend Right Now?

One cannot deny the fact that everyone is running after the trend. Out of all the ever-changing trends, the most changing ones are the trends based on jewelry. 

Among all the varieties including the gemstone beaded necklaces, it was seen that pearls made the strongest comeback, not only maintaining their authenticity but also have come up with varied new combinations. 

To make your trend game much more amazing here are a few necklaces that have come up as amazing trendsetters.

Abstract pearl necklaces

The whole era of pearl has never really faded out. Even if it loses its charm it tends to come back stronger just a few years after. These abstract pearls are irregular in shape and color which helps them gain attention because neckpieces are not always meant to be prim and strict in design. 

These pearls come in various designs, shades as well as colors which break the whole orthodox of pearls being only white in color, with these different varieties it becomes extremely easy to style pearls width any attire.


While many still might feel it to be cringe, this trend of wearing nameplate neckpieces hasn’t loosened its trend a bit. These nameplates are available in various sizes, scrips, and colors, and what else is amazing than having a personalized neckpiece which you don’t have to share with anyone else? 

These come in various gothic scripts to double-plated versions which make them even more attractive and personalized based on your own interests and likings.

Heart pendants

Whether it is a gemstone bead necklace in a heart shape or small pearls along with a heart shape, this never goes out of style. These heart-embellished neckpieces ruled the 90s and are all set to make a steady comeback popping among the collections of some renowned artists like Laura Lombardi, Alexander McQueen, etc.

Tennis necklace

While some might feel this to be uncomfortable this tennis neckpiece has been renowned to be on the list for looking expensive, simple as well as elegant. It is an eternal classic for a reason. It goes well with everything. 

With these ever-changing trends in clothes, it becomes extremely unlikely to find a piece you can wear with all your outfits that is affordable as well as classy. To make your lives easier this is your best alternative which rules with a simple crew neck sweater or a tank top too. Rocking both, formal as well as informal looks.

Chunky link necklace

This necklace has definitely been able to make its way up in the list for being among the lists of influencers. Its bright features make it so vibrant that it shows up in virtually every great outfit photo. 

It’s not that hard to understand why because undoubtedly it makes all the influencers go jaw drop because of its visibility. The key is to go bold with chunky, large links in very simple or elaborate arrangements.

Layered necklaces

Another trendsetter is the layered necklace which is the dream of many women. These neckpieces are very evident examples of how mixing and matching your jewelry can help you set complements for your style and your personality, rocking these combinations of amazing pieces can genuinely be very empowering to watch.

These are just a few of the trendiest necklaces. This might as well help you with gaining pretty much an idea regarding which one you should choose which would go well with your sense of style. Most importantly rather than following the trend, you can also be the trend by choosing some neckpiece that might look great but is still not in trend. 

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