Why Are Medical Schools So Competitive?

Why Are Medical Schools So Competitive?

More than 90% of students grow with the dream of medical school admission and Doctoral studies. But the problem is medical institutes are different from other universities. They have different policies to give entry to willing students at medical universities. They also focus on competition and try to gain the top position. All the medical schools compete with each other and try to give admission to top students only. In this article, you will read about the factors that increase competition among medical universities.

1. A Large Number of Willing Students

The first reason behind the increasing competition among medical universities is the rising number of willing students. Most parents prepare the minds of their children to become Doctors from childhood. Thousands of students apply for medical studies yearly, and only hundreds win the race.

2. Increasing Merit Every Year

Second, the merit is rising every year. The top medical universities try to maintain their merits as high as possible. Only the most talented students can secure a seat in these universities, and the score of UCAT or BMAT matters in your admission process.

3. Admission Process

The medical admission process is so challenging. All medical universities put many hurdles in front of students to clear. Only those students who smartly clear these hurdles by using their minds win this race.

4. The Flow Path of Medical Admission

If you need to learn the step-by-step procedure for getting medical admission, here it is for you.

 1. Submit The Medicine Personal Statements

First, you need to submit the medicine personal statements with attractive information. It should be perfect and engage able for the admission committee. It should contain your previous history, including education, co-curricular activities, experience, and the keenness to become a Doctor.

2. Attempt UCAT or BMAT

After passing your first phase, your next step will be giving the entry test. It can be UCAT or BMAT. Both tests have sub-parts, and all parts are tricky to solve. Like the best medicine personal statements, your UCAT or BMAT should also be acceptable by the maximum number of medical universities.

3. Give a Medical Interview

After the entry test results, the interview committee will invite you for a medical interview. It will be your final step and the most challenging too. You will have to present yourself in front of the panel members, and your performance should be outstanding among all other students.

What Should You Do?

Your performance should be excellent throughout your medical admission process. It is the only requirement to secure a seat in a top medical school. You can buy the course packages from The Future Medic.

Preparation from The Future Medic

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