Why is Cigarette Packaging Necessary?

Cigarettes are toxic product that requires attractive packaging to become the first choice of customers. Therefore, cigarette manufacturers pay a lot of attention and care to the choice of packaging. 


There are many options in terms of design and size to make cigarette packaging attractive, but some of them are basic for marketers, such as chest material, size, shape, color, printing, etc. 


Therefore, the concept of customized cigarette boxes has been developed, keeping all these requirements of marketers in mind.


The customized boxes meet all the requirements retailers demand for the type of customized cigarette packaging they want for their product. To meet all the requirements of the customers, we have taken specific measures, such as


Natural material


Tobacco products in natural packaging as strange as it sounds, it’s true. Yes, we don’t use typical chemical materials for our cigarette packs. But when it comes to custom cigarette boxes, we always recommend our dear customers choose Kraft cardboard boxes and packaging boxes. These cigarette packaging boxes have many features, such as:


  •         These are durable and resilient
  •         These are recyclable 
  •         These are biodegradable
  •         These are lightweight
  •         These are easy to use
  •         These are flexible enough


Different dimensions and models


Our valued customers know from working with us. We only manufacture typical models and sizes of cigarette packaging.


Customers can always choose and design many different models and sizes of cigarette boxes according to their tastes and preferences.


The boxes are available in all sizes, from pocket sizes to large cigarette packs. The most sophisticated shapes are rigid, convoluted, rubber-based, pillow-shaped, die-cut, window-shaped, and open. Cigarette manufacturers can produce these shapes to order.


Colored cigarette packs


We know that the fashion for traditional brown cigarette packs is gone. People like to collect exciting packaging. That is why we manufacture colored cigarette packs.


We know very well that customers only want attractive products in their hands. Moreover, smokers want to avoid buying ordinary personal cigarette boxes. Therefore, not only the idea of personalization is introduced, but to make the cigarette packaging attractive.


 They are also printed on them. These personalized cigarette packs are not made with traditional printing, but with UV 3D printing, which will never damage or fade unless you break them. 


So no need to search. Custom cigarette packs are printed with information about the company and the product and a stylish embossed logo.


Cost-effective, customized cigarette packs


With all these features in mind. We do our best to make custom cigarette packs affordable. The bulk order offer applies to custom cigarette packs. Bulk orders ensure fast delivery and low prices, increasing retailers’ profits and saving packaging and delivery costs.


 We also replace broken or damaged cigarette packs at no additional cost. In addition, bulk orders are error-free and placed after approval by our valued customers. Individual cigarette packs are important for many reasons.


To win the race


As the tobacco industry is known to be one of the largest sources of revenue in the United States. Many retailers are expected to enter the business. It has also been noted that there has been a lot of competition among retailers in recent years. Everyone wants to win this but needs to learn how to do it.


We guarantee that our custom Kraft boxes and cigarette packaging will help you win this race and make your product one of the most exquisite.


We hire experienced designers who consider your suggestions and add something that makes the packages attractive. Although they use many different techniques, lamination, glossy and matte, is their first choice.


Giving personality to the brand


In today’s world, it is a known fact that customers never want to buy old cigarette packs. Smokers like to smoke in public places. Therefore, they need perfect cigarette packs that they can carry with them.


 You don’t hire a designer to make custom cigarette packs. Stamping your logo not with traditional silver or gold ink but with metallic ink gives your product a modern and classic look. But it also makes your product recognizable and identifiable. Each product must be sold with recognition.


Product advertising


It has been proven that a product can only be sold if the seller advertises it. To advertise, sellers use advertising agencies to promote their products. Customized bulk packaging is considered the ideal solution to promote your product. 


Therefore, customized cigarette packaging eliminates the need to contact an advertising agency and saves advertising costs.


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