10 Best Secure Platforms For Online Exams And Assessments

Online learning has grown in popularity, leading to more widespread utilization of online exams (Ilgaz, Afacan Adanir, 2020). There are a thousand additional platforms and applications developed specifically for each need out of the thousand and one discussions and opinions about the finest types of assessments. But things get a little out of hand when you suddenly find yourself overloaded with a dozen apps and systems on your device.

This article gives you a general overview of the top apps and systems for exams and assessments. You may find a carefully curated selection of platforms for each need right here.


1.   Skolera

Skolera, an LMS created for online classes and homework, also enables you to set fast tests for your students anytime. It is a fantastic tool for teachers, parents, and students to collaborate on projects and for students to take quizzes online. Nowadays, students search to Pay Someone To Take My Online Class because of several issues.

The system is easy to combine with other online exam software platforms and offers various add-ons to investigate. Engineers, the top worldwide business that offers STEM to students in Egypt and Canada, and Skolera just collaborated.


2.   Quizizz

The Quizizz platform is quite helpful for teachers to manage problems with students skipping homework. It is gamified and allows you to generate different kinds of questions that you can then provide to your pupils. That way, I can be more proficient since students always search to take my exam for me online. If they successfully respond, they receive bonus points, timed points, or double points. If they erroneously answer, they receive points that help them later.


3.   Quizlet

One of the best online evaluation tools for students is the Quizlet formative assessments app. A recent integration of TikTok with this interactive learning tool has been made to make learning more engaging for pupils.

Additionally, creators on TikTok can select from over 450 million Quizlet study sets, including sets they have personally created on Quizlet, or by browsing through areas like science, history, languages, arts, and more, according to a recent press release. It is simple for students to learn about any topic because they only need to click on the Quizlet link in the movie to interact with the associated flashcards.


4.   Socrative

Platforms for exams and assessments are numerous and growing rapidly. They are made to provide a little more focus, flexibility, and connectivity with the emerging global digital transformation trend. Socrative is a game-based technology that aids teachers in overseeing student evaluations and development.

You have the opportunity to make your presentation into a conversation. The app gives you information on your teaching strategies, including whether they are effective or need improvements.


5.   Kahoot!

Recently, the platform has demonstrated that it is a good time for students. Even if you wouldn’t use it to make a summative exam, the game is still very cool if you’re looking for something straightforward for formative assessments.

This is how it functions. In class, teachers can post questions for the students to answer. Students respond to questions using their phones, such as Students appreciate how the software radically alters classroom dynamics and offers participatory games.


6.   Typeform

This platform is user-friendly and occasionally employed in commercial settings rather than schools. It invests a lot of resources into making it simple for us all to incorporate its forms, templates, and quizzes into the well-known products you require.


7.   Survey Anyplace

A web-based survey platform called Survey Anyplace may be used to make surveys, quizzes, questionnaires, and simple assessments to keep students engaged in the classroom. This platform offers a variety of quiz alternatives, including online and offline quizzes with different questions.

Its lack of immediate quiz results is a drawback. Therefore, it works best when teachers only demand immediate feedback. As a result, it works best for in-class exams meant to help students learn, and lecturers explain concepts. Use quizzes, for instance, that have points assigned and an explanation for each response so that students can revisit them after finishing.


8.   Ispring Suite

This tool is ideal for those who enjoy PowerPoint. You may create simple and enjoyable quizzes with this online tool for quiz development. It is free online test preparation software for educators, trainers, and academic institutions. With attractive quizzes and drag-and-drop exercises, you can use them as a free tool to instruct and evaluate your pupils.


9.   Google Forms

We can’t possibly fail to include Google’s consistently accessible forms. One of the best free online evaluation platforms may be this. They have been observed before. Sure, we are. However, they continue to be among the simplest and most used methods for making rapid tests. Creating a simple quiz to distribute to pupils via email takes only a few simple steps. You can distribute tests, get test takers’ responses, and view the results.

Yes, a learning or assessment management system is significantly more structured and managed, but Google Forms are still available whenever you need them!


10.   Microsoft Forms

Because it’s simple to use, we included this fantastic tool on our list. Its forms are easily fillable on computers, tablets, or even phones.

Inside Microsoft Forms, things are simple. But what makes it so unique? It self-grades and provides students with automated feedback for quizzes.

The drawback is that not all of the questions are automatically assessed. The software is well-organized, though, and offers a variety of features, including question reordering. The use of the tool revealed that it was enjoyable. But here’s a brief hint: You can use this tool for in-class or homework tests; as students submit their responses, it shows them the right answers.

Everyone can benefit from this wonderful trick to reduce the time spent looking for solutions. This will also save your time, as time management makes sure that you complete your work on time (Helpwithdisseration, 2021). Instead, you may dive right in and talk with your class about how things could be improved and why they made certain decisions.


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The fact that the test workflow and examination cycle are now more secure is one of the most exciting aspects of this new experience. The university lauded the assessment system’s inclusion of many user interfaces. The following changes have made the test cycle more organized:

  1. Item Creator: The user who can create item banks with all item types and information is known as an item creator.
  2. Subject Creator: A user with the ability to create courses and subjects.
  3. Exam Creator: A user with the ability to design tests and exams by choosing the exam type, a pool of materials, etc.
  4. Reviewer: The user who will examine the things and exams and decide whether to accept or reject them, ensuring that only the items and tests that have been accepted can continue the cycle.
  5. Exam Manager: The user with the ability to publish exams to candidates.
  6. Examinee: The person who takes the exams and tests; each exam’s results are evaluated in various ways to determine how effective the instruction was.

Even while the site is not free, you can always request a free demo, and there are some very unusual price options for all kinds of organizations. Therefore, you have come to the proper place if you’re looking for ideas to start improving your assessments procedures.




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