MediLinks vs RXNT: A Battle of EMRs 2023

MediLinks vs RXNT

EHRs and the capacity to exchange health information electronically can improve your organization’s operations and help you give patients better, safer treatment. EHRs aid professionals in better patient care management and delivery. The article briefly elaborates on the features, demos, pricing, and reviews of both systems. The purpose of this article is to provide a comparison between both the EMR applications, MediLinks vs RXNT. The aim is to assist potential customers to choose the best EMR software as per their needs.   

Everything about MediLinks  

MediLinks EMR Software is now known as WellSky Rehabilitation. MediLinks is an EMR and practice management system. It provides physical, occupational, speech, and pediatric therapists. The application provides several tools that can be customized. It helps rehabilitation centers to manage their arriving, departing, and pediatric patients.   

The software enables invoicing, financial management, resource costing, and reimbursement. Adding to that, it automates the revenue cycle as well. Moreover, the program allows multisite suppliers to make use of the inclusions in their consolidated reporting and scale as necessary. Additionally, it streamlines chores and aids home care agencies in better patient coordination, boosting productivity.  

MediLinks EMR Features  

Financials Management  

The software allows you to organize all financial data, including budgeting, human resources, and materials, in one location. Additionally, the revenue cycle and EMR modules can also collaborate on a database. This helps to consolidate and carry out all pertinent information efficiently.   

Revenue Cycle Automation  

The system allows you to automate the revenue cycle by creating and delivering bills, accepting payments, and distributing refunds. Moreover, you can also enable permissions for modifying and creating case-specific rules. Also, you can add more policies to the charging process.  

Out-Patient Program  

Intense outpatient programs, partial hospitalization programs, drug use disorder, medication-assisted therapy, and partial hospitalization programs are just a few of the programs that MediLinks offer. As your patients move between programs and between inpatient and outpatient care, our clinical data accompanies them.  

Behavioral Health  

This feature of the application helps you to simplify the documentation of group notes by providing active compliance support which helps in rounding and obtaining consent. Additional Support programs for intensive outpatient care, inpatient care, and partial hospitalization.  

MediLinks EMR Demo  

You can request the company for a demo of the software. This will help you experience the software in more detail and make a better decision before actually buying the software. All you have to do is fill in an online form on the company’s official website. Their team of experts will reach out to you soon.  

MediLinks EMR Pricing  

Unfortunately, the company does not provide a transparent pricing option. You will have to contact the sales team to get the pricing of the software and details of the packages. Additionally, you can also contact third-party vendors to get a pricing quotation.   

MediLinks EMR Reviews  

The software has a fair user satisfaction rating. It has a favorable response from users with 3.41 out of 5 stars on Software Advice and 3.4 on Capterra.   

Everything about RXNT  

RXNT EHR software provides cloud-based healthcare solutions. The software is very useful for doctors and medical billing specialists as it offers several features including:  

Practice administration, health records, e-prescribing, patient interaction, and billing.  

Additionally, the system provides iOS and android apps for mobile devices. This makes it simple and quick for time-pressed medical practitioners to manage clinical work and practice activities. Moreover, you can reach the US-based support staff via phone, email, and online chat as well. Also, the RXTN telehealth services allow users the option to provide healthcare to their patients remotely.   

RXTN EMR Key Features  

Increased Efficiency  

The software tool provides numerous features including alerts, claim status verification, and integrated real-time eligibility. Adding to that, the electronic remittance advice (ERA) and resource make the front and back-office management very simple. Also, patient scheduling gets simpler due to the reminders.  

Better Manage Controlled Substances  

This feature of the application allows healthcare professionals to access the patient’s medical history in real-time. It also allows users to receive the most recent details regarding previously given medications.  

Customizable Reports  

The software makes it very easy for users to display and analyze data. This is because of the unique medical billing system of the application. Additionally, the system provides reports which are thorough, customizable, and simple to alter.  

Minimal Billing Errors  

The program has a built-in claim scrubbing feature. The feature finds and removes billing-coded problems. This reduces the frequency of refused and rejected claims.  

RXTN Software Demo  

Still, have any queries? Want to learn more about the software? You can request the company for a demo of the software on their official website. It helps you experience the features of the software and make a better judgment call before fully implementing the software.   

RXTN Pricing  

The RXTN pricing plan offers four packages to the users as per their requirements. The following are the packages:  

  1. Full Suite  

The package costs $170 per provides month. It offers the following features:  

Practice management, medical billing, patient portal, and more.   

  1. EHR Bundle  

The cost of this package is $100 a provider per month. It includes the following features:  

E-prescribing, scheduling, mobile applications, and more.  

  1. PM Bundle  

This plan costs $75 a month for each provider. The following features are provided by the plan:  

Practice management, medical billing, scheduling, and more.  

  1. E-Prescribing  

The cost of this plan is $650 per provided year. It offers the following features:  

e-prescribing, mobile applications, and more.  

RXTN EMR Reviews  

The program has great user satisfaction with an average rating of 88% reviews in favor of the software. Moreover, it has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars on Capterra.   


The average reviews from credible software review websites are in favor of RXTN software. However, which software will be suitable for you or not depends on the user’s needs. You may require some features which are exclusively offered by MediLinks EMR software. On the contrary, some features are only provided by RXTN software. Thereby, both the software works well as per their own guaranteed features and services.   

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