What Is The Difference Between Swab Test And Antigen Test?

What Is The Difference Between Swab Test And Antigen Test?

The living standards have changed after the exposure to Covid-19. Everyone tries to be focused and concerned about his health. He tries to get tests to fulfil the rules and regulations of the government, especially before travelling. The two most common names in the world of Covid-19 are the Swab test and the Antigen test. This article is for your knowledge if you need to learn the difference between these two tests.

Swab Test

As the name shows, this test involves using a swab during the procedure. Swabbing is done by rubbing the swab stick in the nostrils or throat. By doing this, we collect the sample for testing. After sample collection, the bar is transferred to the next step, which is dependable on the type of swab test;

  • Antigen swab test
  • PCR swab test

· Antigen Swab Test

The second name of the Antigen test is the Rapid test, which shows its swiftness in delivering results. It is the fastest way of getting your Covid-19 report. It gives results within 15 minutes. After stick rubbing for the Antigen swab test, you must follow the steps below.

  1. Mix your sample with the solution by dipping the swab into the liquid tube.
  2. Take out the swab from the tube after a few seconds and put some drops of solution in the well of the testing machine.
  3. Wait for a while and get your results.
  4. Please take a picture of the machine showing the results. Then, send it to the company along with your passport photo.
  5. The testing company will send you the Covid-19 certificate as soon as possible.

· PCR Swab Test

The complete name of the PCR test is a polymerase chain reaction. It takes 24 hours to show results because of the complex procedure that involve the multiplication of human DNA fragment to locate the virus’s genetic material. After rubbing the swab in the PCR test, follow the below steps to get your results.

  1. Dip the swab in the solution and let them mix.
  2. Send the solution tube to the laboratory for a PCR test.
  3. Receive your test report within 24 hours.

The Best Place for Covid Tests

During Covid-19, online services became popular among the public. Official Rapid Tests has made its name in the world of online organisations. They are among the top UK Government Listed Testing Provider companies, and you can use their certificates to travel to UK and EU. To enjoy fast and reliable test services, you must choose Official Rapid Tests. They always deliver CE-labeled and FDA-authorized testing kits to their customers. Their delivery time is 24 hours with no delivery charges. You can use their Multi-Buy Available offer to get test certificates for multiple persons.

How to Order Testing Kits?

To order a testing kit from Official Rapid Tests, move with the below steps;

  1. Visit the website and order a test.
  2. Receive your kit and run the test.
  3. Send the picture of the antigen testing machine and get your results.

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